Saturday, October 30th, 2010

October 30, 2010: Zombie walk downtown Paducah

Well, who knew how today would turn out – the day started out just fine.  No big deal – Halloween Eve and all.  Thought maybe we would just chill here at the house.  Then the doorbell rang – next thing you know there were freakin zombies everywhere – one bit Joey and then one bit me.  Next thing you know WE ARE ZOMBIES.  It was pretty scary – but I guess being a zombie isn’t ALLLLLL that bad.  There are advantages – you don’t have to sleep and you never have to wait in line at the movie theater – people just get out of the way and let you through.

Not bad!

We went to the 2010 Paducah Zombie Walk and then to Maiden Alley to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Which was also fun – people throwing rice, toilet paper, squirt guns, noise makers, cards, and bells.  :)   First time I have attended one of those events.  Fun Fun!

Some pics



Amber and Beau

Amber and Beau

Joey and Amber








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