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Beau's Journey

October 7, 2010: Graves County Project and drought numbers

Great week.  We were able to go down and see Sue and Jack’s place in Nashville.  BEAUTIFUL home and we learned that Sue can paint!  Throw in her photos and I think she absolutely had to be an artist in a former life!  🙂    We had a wonderful time visiting.

The weather continues to be dry – we are in a serious drought.  I posted the latest maps and updates on my weather blog – here


Some pretty amazing numbers and statistics.

I see my sister, Dione, finally joined the rest of the world and has started to post on Facebook.  She is under Dione Stanford – so be sure and friend her.  Now the only person now on Facebook is my mother.  Even Daisy has a Facebook 🙂

Joey and I drove down to Graves County today to check out the apartment project.  Looks like they are really moving along!  I guess the nice weather helps – although most of us want and need rain.

Few photos from the project

Plenty of room for more apartments 🙂


Second set of apartments is going up










Farmer next door to us



September 29, 2010: Beautiful weather

Wow -the weather is amazing.  Low temperatures in the 40s and high temps in the 70s.  You can’t beat that in the fall.  🙂  Feels great outside.

We do need rain.  The drought continues.  At least we did receive some heavy rain from Hermine a few weeks ago.

Class is going well – I have to make a C or higher in the class for it to count.  So – guess I better make a C or higher.  This class is defin harder than some of my previous courses.  Perhaps because it isn’t weather!  lol

Dylan had a birthday yesterday!  21 years old.  SO – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!!!!!

September 27, 2010: Well – it was a great visit

Well, I guess summer is over!  I will have to start updating my blog more often.  Winter will soon be here and with it will come snow.  Right?  🙂  Well – we hope so at least.

David came down to visit and we had a great time.  The BBQ festival, a trip to SIU to find more out about the arrowheads we find up here, lot of driving around and looking for other local sites, a trip to Kincaid Mounds, and about 10 tasting tours of local restaurants.  Hopefully David had a nice time, as well.  🙂

The weather has been warm warm warm for months on end.  But, that is about to come to an end!  Cooler weather has already filtered into our region.  Tonight we will be in the 40s!  Tomorrow night, as well.  The cool weather should last for the next 7-10 days.  We should start to see warmer temperatures beyond that time period.  Most of fall should be above normal in the temp department and drier than normal.  We will see how the fall forecast ends up. 

School is going okay – this class is a bit more difficult than most of the ones I have taken the last few years.  But, I will get through it.  Just a few more months – it ends the first week of December.  I will be happy for the "end" to arrive.  Then just two classes left for my GeoScience Degree!!!!

Some photos from today – we visited the Kincaid Mounds (they are 1000 years old).  Located in Massac County.


David and Joey at the Kincaid Mounds


Kincaid Mounds in the background



That would be me in front of the mounds


Joey in front of one of the mounds


And I saw this sign in Metropolis – I thought it was sort of funny.  Does this food go together?


September 12, 2010: Photo from Canada

We did not take many photos in Canada.  But I did get a photo with Norman.  🙂  Had a photo with Jay – but it did not turn out.

Beautiful day here – weather could not be better.

September 12, 2010: Beautiful day outside!

Woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine!  Woke up a bit earlier than I would have liked.  Thank you Daisy. 

The kids stayed over last night – Danielle and Tyler.  Then Reese was here, as well.  It was pretty late when the kids went to bed.  Something like 2-3 am.  🙂  That is not what time I go to bed.  😉  But – I finally made it under the covers around 2:30.  🙂  Then Daisy decided she was ready to go outside wayyyy earlier than I would have liked.

So, it was so nice outside that I decided to mow the yard – Daisy’s yard and around the house – in my pajamas and high rubber work boots.  I am sure that would have been a nice camera spectacal.

We went to the Paducah Symphony last night.  My mom went with me.  Julie also went and she brought her mom.  We had a great time.  The music was wonderful.  I love to hear all of the instruments.  🙂

David went with us to eat out before the symphony – the kids and everyone else, as well.

The weather looks nice this week.  Maybe some showers late in the week.  Also watching some tropical activity.  The tropics have been quite active – thankfully we have not had many U.S. hits – at least not big hits.  A few small ones.

Waiting to get my grade back from my first paper in this new class I am taking.  I have not written a paper in over 15 years.  I hope he goes gentle on me!!!!



September 11


Photographer unknown

September 8, 2010: Happy Birthday’s

Lot of birthdays this month

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!  21 years old!  Yeesh – time sure does pass quickly. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE – 🙂  Hope you have a wonderful year ahead!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!  That is three D’s in a row 🙂 – Obviously September is a popular month for birthdays.

Then we have John Logeman – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Sue Henry – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Now I need to figure out if I forgot someone.  🙂

Going out to eat tonight with my family to celebrate the birthdays – then I am off to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Rain is finally moving in – should rain tomorrow into Friday.  Perhaps 1/2" across the region – some heavier amounts especially as you go north and west.  We need every drop we can get.



September! Oh dear -fall is here!!!!

OK – it has been one of the warmest summers ever.  Paducah has tied for the number 1 warmest summer on record.  Their records go back into the 1930s.  So – HOT – it has been!

I am looking forward to fall – we have already had a few nice days.  Loving it!

Have not updated lately – everything is going great.  I have started my new class – Elements of Persuasion.  I really have no idea what to expect.  Hope it goes well.  Then I am down to just TWO classes – both foreign language.  No secret – I am not looking forward to the language classes. 

We had a great time in Canada – visited just about all of my friends.  Missed a few, though.  Hopefully next time around.  I have some photos that I need to post.  Will do that later.  🙂

My fall forecast is out – for those who care 🙂


Above normal temps – go figure.


August 26, 2010: Toronto

Weather is nice here in Toronto – but from what I hear the weather is nice back home, as well.  Finally.  After 35+ days in a row of 90 degrees and above – I think everyone deserves a break.  Humidity levels are low – that helps.

Everything in Toronto is going well.  Visiting with friends.  Nice to catch up and see some friends that I have not seen in a year or two.


August 17, 2010: HELLLOOOO out there :)

Well – it has been awhile since I have posted.  Been busy.  It has been HOT HOT HOT and dry.  Heat wave – to say the least.  It has been the second hottest summer on record for Paducah, Kentucky.  We have hit 91 degrees and above for 29 days in a row – maybe 30.  Have to check.  Either way – HOT.  Looks like the heat will return later this weekend and into next week.  Not that it isn’t still hot – but at least it isn’t 100 degrees.  Last night actually felt pretty nice.

Have actually managed to unpack everything.  I don’t like to leave things packed.  Just in time to pack again – as we are heading for Toronto next week.  Maybe it will be cooler up there?

I finished my arts class.  YAY – Got an A.  So, I am happy about that.  The next class will be harder.  I can already tell from the syllabus.  Not sure how hard.  We shall see.

After I finish this class then I only have two – yes TWO classes to go.  Both of them will have to be foreign language.  Blah.  I am dreading it.  But, if that is all that stands between me and my bachelors degree (wow I can’t even believe I am saying that) then I think I need to push forward!  Never dreamed a few years ago that I would be finished my bachelors.  🙂  Joey is going to take the class with me.  We are leaning toward French.  We have to take – errr I have to take – two semesters.

Looks like next fall and winter – semesters.  Can’t do it this winter or spring. 

Let’s see what else is new.  The grass isn’t growing.  We have only had 0.16" of rain so far this month.  Dry is an understatement.

The kids are back in school.  I say kids – there are only 2 left in school.  However, Mariah and Dylan are starting college.  So, I guess all four will be back in school shortly.   🙂 

I am counting the days down until fall and winter.  🙂  Already looks like the winter will be active with plenty of storm systems to follow.  We shall see.


August 10, 2010: Dione’s update and heat wave

Holy smokes – it is hot.  We had 103 degrees up here today – heat index yesterday was above 120.  Close to that today.  The heat is awful.  Not sure what else to say about that.  Looks to continue into the weekend. 

Dione sent me "from the journal of Dione’s life" update a few days ago – here you go 🙂 – this is from here file

August 2, 2010

So its been that kind of day again here at KOM…and then what shall appear but the Health Inspector…so in my friendliest voice I say…yea…come on back…then without thinking….I say…oh you must be new…we usually have this old guy that comes in….he looks at me with a look of wonderment…..he says…no I’ve been here the last two times…I say…”No…there is an old guy that usually comes…he takes off his hat and says…no its been me…I then proceed to get the inspection report out from last time and ask him his name…He says its Joel…and then my mouth drops and I look at him knowing…just knowing…that I am not going to pass….I have just called our Health Inspector…not once …but three times…an old guy…..

We got a 99!


August 4, 2010

Well today is as about as hot as I’ve felt it.  I am at the office today working and had to go to the plant to get some mail.  I thought I could do with a Big Mac and some fries.  Who out there has eaten a Big Mac in the car before raise your hand?  Yes, it is very messy and not a pleasant site. 

So I swung into the McDonalds which was exploding with cars in their parking lot.  All I wanted to do was to park get in and get out.  So getting in was ok…getting out another…it took me about 10 minutes just to back out of my parking space and drive off the lot. It made it even worse because my husband won’t get my air conditioner fixed in my car.  It comes out the top but not out the vents so whenever you want to cool off you have to stick your head up on the dashboard and then take a piece of paper and fan the cold air to your face.  Which from the outside probably looks like your some kind of retard but who cares…its 103! 

So I’m heading off late now getting back to work because of the McDonalds parking lot fiasco and I am whirring by cars on the highway.  I take out my Big Mac and decide to eat on the way….saving time when I get back to work.  So I dive into my fries, my Big Mac and drive with my knees and occasionally a finger.  I notice that there is really heavy traffic today in front of the mall.  I’m guessing because school starts tomorrow and parents are shopping…so I whip past cars in the center lane…whip past cars in the slow lane (still eating) and head on down to the office. 

As I get in front of the new Chick-Fil-A I finally look over and what do I see beside me but a hearse.  OMG….I am stuffing a falling apart Big Mac into my face as I can’t exactly step on the gas when the light turns green…because I finally notice the LLLOONNNGGG line of cars with their headlights on behind the hearse and I’m kind of in shock at how many people I zipped past which stuffing my mouth with a Big Mac. 

So I let the hearse go and to make it worse there is a coffin inside with a flag drapped over it.  So after about 5 cars go I figure I better at least past the green light and get into the center lane so I don’t cause a wreck.  I’m sure also the many many cars behind the hearse appreciated me getting over while they looked at me with appreciation or it could have been disgust while they went by. 


August 5, 2010: Shadow Angel project for Head Start

Well, some sad news on the Joppa Head Start Center – it has been sold and they must move.  A trucking company bought the building.  The center will relocate in Metropolis.  It sounds like the kids will be spread out over several centers. 

They made the move over the past few weeks – they were able to take the playground equipment that we donated among other items.  They were also in need of some new computers and we helped them out with that.

Couple of photos that Peggy sent to me

Looks like a lot of paperwork – hopefully the computers make things a bit easier!  I think the other computers
were really get up there in age. 


Monitors look good, as well 🙂


August 2, 2010: Heading home

We have landed back in Sweden – staying the night here and then we will be back home tomorrow night.  🙂  Looking forward to all the hot weather.  lol – NOT!

Has been a great trip.  Lots of fun!

July 28, 2010: Apartments…progress

I only have one question……….




I see Don – but not sure if that is Rodney or not


Coming along – coming along 🙂

July 26, 2010: Berlin Wall














July 25, 2010: Apartment project…

Tony sent me some new photos from our project in Graves County.  It appears everything is moving along.

Waiting on some action photos with Tony in them – maybe next week!

Mother reports a racoon got into the house!  Around 3 am in the morning.  Scared her quite a bit – but she ran it off!!!!  Apparently it opened a window and came in.  Needless to say the windows are all locked tightly now!








July 24, 2010: Out and about Berlin



Berlin – window art







This guy looked right at us when I took the photo – wonder what he is thinking


Now THAT is a car!!!!


Made a new friend today!


I love the expression in his eyes!


Wonder what he is thinking?


Cat nap





Peace Bears!



And we take over Berlin!



Awwwwww – LOVE IT!



Not going to mess with this guy




July 24, 2010: World Wide Photo Walk

Today is the World Wide Photo Walk – people everywhere will be out and about with their camera’s taking photos!

Here are a few that I took today

Berlin, Germany














July 23, 2010: War and Tyranny Memorial





July 23, 2010: Dinosaur day in Berlin :) – also chilly here!

We spent today at the Museum of Natural History – which was AWESOME!  We saw some huge dinosaurs and all sorts of rocks.  Big big collection of rocks – I know – I know – not overly exciting for some people.  But – I loved it!

We walked outside the hotel this morning and it was chilly!  Spitting rain and chilly.  I defin am not complaining about it being chilly.  Especially when I look at the forecast back home – terrible heat wave continues.  I am certain that everyone is going to be sick of summer.  Speaking of winter – looks like a La Nina winter ahead of us.  That could be quite eventful.

Some pics from today


















July 22, 2010: Day in Berlin, Germany – Ishtar Gate!

Had a fun day in Berlin – walked around and saw the Brandenburg Gate – went to some museums.  Lot of walking.  Weather is nice.  Cloudy this evening, though.  No rain 🙂


Brandenburg Gate



Where are we where are we 🙂












Brandenburg Gate



We went to the Pergamon Museum – which has a ton of ancient Greek art and Babylonia works.  OLD!


Pergamon Altar in the background – was brought back from Greece.  It is much larger than it appears
It is from the 2nd Century BC


From Babylon



Ishtar Gate



The Ishtar Gate (Assyrian: ܕܵܪܘܲܐܙܲܐ ܕܥܵܐܫܬܲܪ translit: Darwaza D’Ishtar, Arabic:بوابة عشتار) was the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon. It was constructed in about 575 BC by order of King Nebuchadnezzar II on the north side of the city.

Dedicated to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, the Gate was constructed of blue glazed tiles with alternating rows of bas-relief sirrush (dragons) and aurochs.


Ishtar Gate – 575 BC!!!!  Now that is old.


July 21, 2010: A day in Berlin – at the zoo :)

Some pics from today – we had a blast at the Berlin Zoo – it was amazing.  WELL worth going – never know about the zoo.  But the Berlin Zoo was so good – great – that I think we are going to go back.  I LOVED seeing all the animals up close.  They were incredible.  The only one that was sleeping was the Panda.  Maybe we can catch him next time.  It was pretty warm today – so maybe he wanted to nap.


Everything back home is going great.  John and mother reports no problems – Jason fixed the radar issues on one of the computers – so that is good.  Daddy and Tony report everything is going well!  So – GREAT!!!


Store window – Berlin










Joey in with the elephants


He just could not hold it any longer






HUGE fish




Jelly Fish – beautiful





Perfect day




Zebra – cameo appearance


Joey playing with the lion


Amazing – I think we will go back to the zoo!!!!


Shark at the zoo



HELLLLLO – I am not your lunch. 


Loved the zebras






White wolf



A white wolf




A beautiful bear at the Berlin Zoo – well worth going to visit




Love it!!!!






The Polar Bear was beautiful – graceful.  Incredible to see!






Polar Bear!!!!


Amazing – beautiful –


Polar Bears were incredible











Given me the eye


Mama and baby


And there is the baby 🙂


Protective of the baby


Hanging out


The giraffes were amazing!


Giraffe’s – love em





Just some fun in the sun today 🙂


Beautiful animals!


I thought this building was unique 🙂


Another cool building – front of the building here in Berlin


July 21, 2010: Berlin – and the revolving Mercedes sign…

We made it to Berlin.  Had an awesome time at the Berlin Zoo.  You could get quite close to the animals – loved the bears and the jellyfish – big fan of the jellyfish!!!  One of the better zoos I have visited. 

Took a bunch of photos – but the internet here is very slow – so unsure how many I will upload 🙂 – will put them on Facebook.  Easier.



July 19, 2010: Sweden – last day here

Well, today is our last day in Sweden.  We are heading to Germany tomorrow.  Should be interesting.  We will see what adventures we can find in Berlin.  🙂

It is nice here today – cooler – which is nice.  Still hot back home – few storms yesterday.  Might be some more later today – this afternoon.  Line moving in from the northwest.

Everything else is moving along – zoom zoom.


Made a friend while we were out.  He doesn’t say much but he does fit
in my carry-on.


July 17, 2010: Stockholm, Sweden

Sometimes I think I become more creative when I go away for awhile.  I have no idea why.  Weird – perhaps.  Who knows – maybe everyone is that way?


Stockholm, Sweden – photo I took a couple of days ago


Coke photo I took on a street near here 🙂 – Coke is big here.  Figured it would be Pepsi – but not so much!


Coke photo I took a couple of days ago


July 17, 2010: Stockholm

Another photo I have been playing with that I took – this is the smallest statue in the City of Stockholm!  Raining today – light rain.  Feels nice out – love it.  Going on a boat cruise tonight.  Hope the rain stops for that 🙂





A BIG happy birthday to Mariah today!!!!!!

Another year older – it all just gets faster from here.  Soooooo – try to smile and enjoy the hills and valleys that life will bring your way.  It is always going to be an adventure – try not to rush things too much.  Take time to smell the roses – look at the moon – count the stars – and smile at the rainbows!!!!


July 16, 2010: Photographs worked with some of my magic from the past week…

We are having a great time in Sweden – going to bed late and sleeping late – but the sun does not go down until after 10 pm and is already up before 3 am.  So – it is all weird!

Some photos from the past week 🙂 – mixed in with some magic from computer software.  🙂  Wallla 























July 11, 2010: Warm in Sweden

If it wasn’t so hot back home I would say it is hot here.  But, I guess it is just warm here!  The local people are saying this is as about as warm as they get.  I think most people back home would trade for this "warmth" –

Couple of photos from today





July 10, 2010: Project coming along back home

Couple of new pics sent to me by Tony – looks like everything is moving along!  🙂