Saturday, September 6th, 2008

September 6, 2008: School!

  Well, my time is being consumed by homework.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of homework.  Supposedly this is the hardest semester.  I hope that is correct.  I can’t imagine one being more difficult.  I should say that I don’t want to imagine one being more difficult.  I have taken 2 quizzes and one test so far!  I need to take one more test this weekend.  That would put me slightly ahead in the class.  Which, would be a good thing.

  I guess Kristy survived a glancing blow from Hanna.  Not a big deal.  Bit of rain and wind…waves.  Ike, on the other hand, could be a real mess as it nears Cuba and the Keys.  We will have to watch the eventual path of this system.  I believe it will move into the Gulf of Mexico and strike the Florida Panhandle area.  Models are alllllll over the place.  Some hit Texas – others hit Louisiana.  We shall see.  I am going with an Alabama to the Florida Panhandle strike.  Intensity…stay tuned.

  Other than that – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE!!!!!!  The BIG thirteen!!!!!!!  :)  She is having a big party this weekend.  We are all getting together on September 11th.  It is also going to be Daddys birthday and Dylans! 

  Dylan won his first ballgame, last night.  :)  SO CONGRATS TO HIM!!!!

  Check out what I paid for gas today!!!!!!!!!


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