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Archive: November 20th, 2009

November 20, 2009: Dylan has left for the military – time keeps on marching

  It has been a VERY busy week.  Seems like every single day has been filled from morning to late at night.  I guess that is good.  Keeping busy keeps my mind off rushing everything.  🙂

  Dylan left the other day for Oklahoma.  He flew out of St Louis.  We all went up there to see him off.  I don’t know if he was nervous or not.  He didn’t seem like he was.  I think he will be relieved once he arrives and gets settled in.  I am sure he is in for a long journey!  Hopefully it will be good for him.  I know having your school paid for will definitely be a plus.

  The house is moving along quickly.  Looks like everything will be finished next week – the week after Thanksgiving.  Then we clean everything up and move in.  Just in time for winter?  Looks that way.  Hints that winter will quickly arrive on the charts.  We will have to see if we can squeeze some snowflakes out of the sky!

  Jason and Jess are coming up tomorrow – we are going to do some major work on getting the weather instruments, cameras, scanners, and weather radios up and running.  Should be a great day as far as moving forward with all of the weather stuff.  I am excited about that – of course!!!!

  Click image for larger photos…

Getting ready to leave for St Louis.  Chilly Wednesday.

Tyler and Dylan


Tyler – Dylan – Deena at my house before we left


Getting ready to leave


Moving out



Off to St Louis – cloudy and cool day.


Dylan in St Louis


Street performer that met us on the sidewalk outside of where we ate dinner.
At least he said he was a street performer.  Tyler liked his song and dance.



Mother Judy and Dylan


Lynne, Dylan, Quinton, and Payton


Dylan and me before he left for Oklahoma


Tyler with the artsy fish




Dylan and Deena


Dylan in St Louis


Payton and Tyler


Deena – Tyler – Dylan – Tony