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Archive: November 24th, 2010

November 24, 2010:

Wow – a busy busy busy month and weeks.

Attended the KY Weather Conference in Bowling Green – had a GREAT time!  The Paducah, NWS also had a conference at Kentucky Lake.  We gave away some Midland Weather Radios at both events.  We had such a great time – so many quality speakers.  🙂  Fun for all of the emergency management and weather geeks.

Then we had open house on Sunday – over 200 people attended.  We estimate the number to be between 250 and 300 in total.  Lot of people had more than one person with them – plus kids.

Teachers from Jefferson and Massac High School were there – along with a lot of friends from the past and current friends.  Everyone had such a great time.  I did not get to take any photos because I was never able to leave the spot I was in!  Hopefully some others took a few.  I know that Geri and Caesar sent me a few!  I will have to upload those.

My mom and family had a blast – so many faces that we have not seen in years.


Then we had a few weather events – including a tornado watch the other night until 4 am.  I went to bed at 3 – after the threat ended.  Joey saw a Bobcat the same day – I can hear the coyotes tonight howling.  Lot of creatures around here! 

Then add in school – and things are BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Loving life – all good.

Some photos




Open House at the farm 🙂














Flashback a couple of weeks 🙂 – we went to see Blue Man Concert – WOW is all I can say!









Christmas 2010




Jennifer Rukavina talking about the May 2010 tornado outbreak – that cell was just southwest of my moms house




Kentucky Weather Conference 2010


Trent Okerson – WPSD covering that tornado outbreak


Jennifer Rukavina presenting on the 2010 tornado outbreak (May)




Kentucky Weather Conference


Katherine and Mike Thomasson – McCracken County Rescue and OEM


Bruce Thomas did a presentation on weather radios


Bruce Thomas – great guy!


They made Bruce a Kentucky Colonel




Lee Campbell presenting on the Kentucky and Tennessee Floods of 2010


Dr Greg Forbes being given the Kentucky Colonel award



Chris Novy speaking on Spotter Safety


Chris Novy being given the Kentucky Colonel Award


Jennifer Rukavina and Dr Greg Forbes


Dr Greg Forbes and myself