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Archive: November 30th, 2010

November 30, 2010: Thanksgiving!

OK – well it is that time of the year again. Thanksgiving.  Holy cow – where did the time go?

We had a GREAT time on Sunday evening here at the farm.  Family got together – missing Mariah (pssst Mariah we do miss you when you are not here) and we had turkey.  The turkey was provided by Denise and her husband.  Once again they made a great turkey!!!!  The rest of Denise’s family also came up.  Jason and Jess were here – Julie was here.  Lots of people – lots of fun.  We played some board games.  I think Jamie beat all of us – him and his sister.

Oh well – we will get them next time!!!!

Otherwise – the weather has been a roller-coaster.  Which is about what was forecasted.  So – I am okay with the ups and downs of the weather.  Bring on weather – that is my current motto.  I am sure that will change to "bring on spring" – soon enough.

Finals are this week.  Ready to move on past this class.  The leaves me two classes for my Bachelors Degree.  I am dreading the foreign language classes.  I have no idea how I am going to do those.  I see it being difficult – at best.  But, we will see what happens next.  Unsure when I am going to take those classes.

We are going to New York City on Friday – Joey has never been.  He wants to see the Christmas lights and the big city.  I am excited.  Love love love New York at Christmas time.  I am sure the airports will not be fun.  But, whatever.  What can you do?  Frustrating – at best.

Once that is over – then we have Christmas and New Years fast approaching. ZOOOOOM ZOOOOM is the word.

Some photos from Sunday night


Tyler playing video games


Cooking and talking





Dione and Deena


Tony and my niece Danielle


Someone feels left out


Jason lighting Tyler’s birthday cake – Tyler will be 12 on December 1st



Happy birthday to Tyler and Denise – 🙂



My dad and me


Daisy has a new friend