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Archive: January 10th, 2008

January 10, 2008: Heading out this evening…

  Heading for Canada tonight.  Should make it to Louisville.  Then we will drive the rest of the way tomorrow.  Trying to find a little sanity in Second Life at this hour.  Stressed out.  lol  I have found this nice meditation spot though that seems to calm me down a bit.  🙂

  I will be curious how this new world unfolds before our eyes.  I used to think that my grandmother’s generation could never be repeated.  I mean, she saw the first car and the first man on the moon.  Could our generation possibly see such advances?  I now think we will.  Not only will we, but we will blow that out of the water.  Rapid changes in computer technology is going to bring about a revolution like no other.  Will it all be used for good?  For bad?  For both?  I think we can assume for both.  Since when has mankind used technology only for good?  Never.  The real question is can the good beat out the bad.  Interesting days and years ahead.

  Another question that comes up is are we going to see two different worlds evolve?  Are we already seeing that happen?  Those connected and those not connected?  How can half the civilization be connected to technology and the other half still in the so called dark ages?  What will a world be like if that indeed does happen?  The haves and have nots?  How do we bridge that gap?  How do we bridge that cap without losing culture, art, and who we are?