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Archive: January 24th, 2008


  Whether you like rain, sleet, snow, ice, or thunderstorms you should be happy with the forecast for the next 2 weeks.  It appears that we are about to enter a very unsettled pattern across the United States.  I will be interested to see how much snow we can pull off up here in Ontario.  Certainly are some impressive features on the weather map!  BRING IT ON 🙂  Five significant storms on the GFS Model.

  Heading to Deerhurst tomorrow.  This is about 3 hours northeast of Waterloo.  Should be a lot of snow there!


January 24, 2008: Sunset in Waterloo, Ontario

  I went out this evening to try and get some sunset photos.  The sun was setting behind some clouds and everything was cloaked in an orange glow.  It was amazing to watch the snow change colors across the open farm fields.  So peaceful.  There is something about a sunset and snow that just makes me feel warm inside!  I was smiling while I was watching the different colors spread across the landscape.  Beautiful…absolutely beautiful.

  It is hard to pick one photo from the next…the sky is always constantly changing – so here is a mix match of all of them.  🙂


















January 24, 2008: Ice in Waterloo and Farm Update…

  BRRRRR  it is cold outside 🙂



  No new news today on the farm.  Tony and I are looking at another set of apartments in Mayfield.  At least I will have a place to live…if the farm doesn’t work out!  🙂  I think our second choice will be downtown Paducah.  Talk about two extremes?  The farm or Downtown Paducah!!!!  🙂

  Snow flurries this morning…another dusting here.  I see that my car windshield is covered with snow.  That is how I know it snows during the night!  We are heading north this weekend.  Hoping for some lake effect snow.  It is supposed to snow on Saturday as a clipper passes through.  Several inches possible by Sunday Evening.  More next week.  We could even see freezing rain or rain next week.  Depending on the storm track.

  This article is concerning to everyone…


  I worry more about this subject because people are not prepared.  Everyone should have six weeks of food and water on hand.  When something does happen you will be thankful that you listened.  There have been 11 pandemics in recorded history.  It will happen again.  Just a matter of when.  I know people don’t want to worry about these type of things but at the end of the day it is a very real possibility.  Better to be safe than sorry.  The run of the grocery stores if this flu ever does break out in humans will be amazing.  Think about a snowstorm and how fast food goes in the markets.  Now think about something 1000 times worse.  How long do you think the food in any given city will last?  Not long.  Stocking up over time is the best way to protect your family against any type of disaster.  Waiting till the last minute could be a huge mistake.

  Now back to the weather…:)

  So i went to Tim Horton’s today.  I have never been.  I know – I know – been in Canada for years and never stepped a foot into Tim Horton’s.  It is scary.  Anyway…they don’t take Visa.  I thought that was strange but whatever.  Also be warned that their large hot chocolate is about 4 inches tall.  🙂  Their small must be a sip that they give you while you are standing there.   🙂  Their donuts are good…I will say that.  🙂  lol

Tim Horton’s – the Starbucks of Canada.