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Archive: March 1st, 2008

March 1, 2008: Meteorological SPRING has arrived!

  Meteorological spring has arrived.  What is meteorological spring you might ask – see the below post from USA Today.

  Meteorologists define spring as March 1 through May 31. However, astronomical spring — which has somehow morphed into the "official" start of spring — begins on the vernal equinox (on or around March 21) and lasts until the summer solstice (on or around June 21). For each of the four seasons, the astronomical season lags behind the meteorological season by about three weeks. Certainly spring-like weather has been occurring over much of the USA for the first three weeks of March.

  So this is SPRING.  The weather in the coming days will actually feel like spring.  At least the weekend will.  Next week may bring more winter weather.  So buckle up and get ready for the roller-coaster.  Nothing new there!  The whole winter has been this way. 

  I have some more photographs from Moscow that I need to post.  So I will do that below.  Feeling a little bit better today.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel a lot better.  I am trying to stay away from everyone so I don’t get anyone else sick. 

  Here are some more photographs from Moscow!  Enjoy.

Mikhail our friend and guide.




Moscow, Russia


Some beautiful architexture in the downtown area of Moscow.




  Red Square












Joey with his new friend.  Always nice to make new friends!




Our guide trying to get us a ride 🙂




Subway in Moscow


Crapdogz – that actually isn’t an R but everytime I see these stands that is what I think it says.


Some beautiful buildings in the arts district of Moscow.


Sidewalk paintings






We didn’t actually eat at McDonalds but I knew that my friend Doug would like this photo.


Looking for a ride…


This one worked out at first – then he asked us to get out!  I guess he didn’t realize there were three people.
Too many for his car!!!!