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Archive: March 11th, 2008

March 11, 2008: Teddy Bear Update…

  It is about time for a new teddy bear run.  It has been about a year!  I guess the bears lasted longer this time.  That is a good!  Less kids in need is always a good thing!  This year the Rape Crisis Center (now called Purchase Area Sexual Abuse Center) has requested some extra bears for the police departments in 8 of our local counties!  So we are going to have to come up with more bears than ever.  I have placed an order with Gund Bears for umm a bunch of bears/cats/dogs/giraffes/elephants.  Thought I would mix it up a bit!  I found out that the kids don’t just like bears but they like a choice!  So we will give them a choice.

  I think the bigger problem, other than coming up with more bears, is going to be where to put them!  This apartment is so small.  I think we can get them to fit though.  We will have to sort them quickly and get them out.  A few are back ordered as well.  It sounds like they will come in two waves.  I am sure the truck driver will have fun parking out front.  🙂  I will post pics when they arrive! 

  A special thank you to Nancy Gomez for working with us on this project!  Nancy works for Gund Bears.



March 11, 2008: The Big Give – Oprah’s new show…

  I don’t know how many people have been able to catch Oprah’s new show "The Big Give".  I watched it last night for the first time.  I went into it with an open mind after reading some positive and some negative articles about the show.  I liked it.  If anything I think it helps encourage and inspire people to do good things.  It shows how a little bit can go a long way – or how one person can change another persons life.  I give the show an A+ for effort and inspiration.

  On that subject 🙂  I was touched by the story from the Denver Children’s Home.  You can see their web-site here.  While looking over their web-site I came across this "wish list".    A whole list of stuff that they need.  So I think we will go out and see if we can’t fill a few of their wishes.  🙂