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Archive: April 25th, 2008

April 25, 2008: Good news…

  Well everything seems to happen at once 🙂

  Dione and Tommy made an offer on a house today.  So that is good news for them.

  Tony called at 7 p.m. and told me that we have an offer on our second new house here in Mayfield.  So this is great news.  We need all of this to come together at once.  NOW if we could get Ashcreek sold.  The good news though is that if we sell this house then we have mother’s new house paid for – the one we are building on the farm.  Close to paid for at least.  The plan is to not sell mothers current house – too much trouble to move her out.  So this is near perfect news – IF the house sells.  We are going to counter their offer.  We shall see. 

  I will be glad once mother knows about the farm.  That won’t happen until tomorrow.  🙂 



April 25, 2008: Mailbox…putting it all together

  So we went out and bought the post that the mailbox goes on.  🙂  We (Joey) put it together.  Now we have to dig a hole tomorrow and we will officially have a new address/mailbox.  OMG!

April 25, 2008: Friday – Storms and Tomorrow’s Surprise For Mother

  Well, it has been a very busy week.  Lot going on.  Not all good and not all bad.  It was sad to here that little Quavarius drowned in a pool on Wednesday Night.  There really isn’t anything to say about that.  It was shocking news and news that nobody ever expects to hear.  I have not heard anything further on funeral plans.  Still waiting for a phone call.

  It looks like severe thunderstorms will be possible across our region later this evening and into tonight.  I expect some watches and warnings before the night is over.

  We are planning on telling mother about the farm on Saturday – 1 pm.  It will be an amazing surprise for her.  I don’t believe she knows anything about it – she doesn’t read the web site because she doesn’t come online.  Hopefully Mariah hasn’t told her anything.  I know they talk a lot!

  To say that I am excited is putting it mildly.  This is the easy part of the process though.  Next will come the planning and the building.  It will be a long process…that I am sure of!