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Archive: April 28th, 2008

April 28, 2008: Quavarius…

  Nobody should ever have to bury a child.  Burying a godchilds son reminds me of how suddenly life can change.  Reminding me that life does not go on forever – we are not a promised a tomorrow – we are not promised a today.  I have known Mike, Tabatha, and Bobby for more than 20 years now.  Each of them growing up under difficult circumstances but always pushing forward – always looking to tomorrow.   Today is probably the most difficult of all days for each one of them – and for Carol.  There isn’t much one can say on a day like today.  A cold rain falling over the cemetery, clouds covering the sun, teardrops from heaven.  Quavarius was only twenty two months old – but in the short time he was on this planet he managed to make a lot of friends.  Hundreds.  It is beautiful how a little child can touch so many lives.  The outpouring of love today was touching.  It demonstrated, once again, how close people in Massac County can be when it is necessary. So many people came to pay their respects for him.  He looked like a little angel with his ball cap.  I am certain that he must be running through the fields of heaven tonight.  

  I told Carol that I have been to more funerals of children in Massac County than I have of adults.  More than fifteen.  Each one a special person.  Each one unique and each one with a life that was cut way too short.

  God bless you tonight Mike, Tabatha, Bobby, and Carol.



April 28, 2008: Good news…

  It appears that our counter offer on our new house, that we built in Mayfield, was accepted.  We close in 9 days!  This is good because this is what we are going to use to build mother’s house.  So we can get started a lot sooner than expected! 

  Mother is looking through the houseplan books – trying to find that "perfect" plan.  I think she is going to need some help.  lol