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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » November 14, 2009: Starting on the weather center room
Saturday, November 14th, 2009

November 14, 2009: Starting on the weather center room

  Wow – this week has been crazy.  End of the project – everything is coming together.  Just a TON of little and big things to finish up.  Looks like we are moving along nicely, though.  Still looks like the middle of December for the move in date.  Perhaps we will know a bit more after this week.  We shall see.

  Dale Watson has been working on getting all of the kitchen cabinets together – also the living room pieces have arrived – along with the library units.  Looks like another 8 days to complete all of that.  Could be a bit longer – unsure.

  Bobby and his crew have been working on a little bit of everything.  Trim – painting – benches on the third floor – sun room – steps – endless list. 

  Tony was up several times this week checking on everything.  He is good at finding problems areas. 

  Jess saw six deer today – I think she can see better than me.  I saw a couple.  There were a bunch out today – guess they were eating whatever was left from the combines. 

  Jason and Jess came up today to help with some of the shelving units for the weather room/media closet.  Trying to start to pull all of that together.  Hopefully we can get the web cams running next week – we shall see.  Would also like to get the weather instruments up and running.  One step at a time.  Still going to be a bit longer before all of that is ready.  Might be able to get the weather web site finished by December.

  Jason is coming back next week to see about getting the cameras going.  I will be anxious to see all of those in action.  We will be able to follow the deer around with the Sony cameras.  🙂

  Precision Audio has been pulling together some of the tv sets and electronic equipment.  They are moving right along.  ADS has also been working hard to get everything finished.

  Some photos from the last few days


Solar panels are ready to be placed.  Concrete should be dry by now.


Lot of people working the last few days – most I think we have ever had up there

Master bedroom – ready to hang tv set

Third floor – getting things unpacked for the family room

Weather room

Dale Watson – working on kitchen cabinets

Tony Crouch – pretending to install a light 😛

Reed Electric installing lights

Bobby and Tony

Tony C – these big lights will illuminate the house when there is something
interesting like – SNOW – falling from the sky!

Reed Electric – installing lights

Dale Watson and crew installing kitchen cabinets

Bobby Reed – installing one of the big lights out front

Reed Electric

Kitchen cabinets are moving along


Rusty from Precision Audio – installing a tv in the weather room


We are putting lights on top of the observation deck – third floor.  Then when
it is snowing or raining I can turn them on and watch it 🙂  Or when we do
something in the back yard.

Time to start on the media closet.  We got the internet running – well
Tony got the T line working 🙂

Reed Electric

Tony working on the media closet

Reed Electric working on the lights for the top of the house

Beautiful Friday the 13th 🙂


Installing the farm sink in the kitchen

The farmers sink we got in Tennessee

One of the tv sets has been hung in the weather center room


Click for large image

Trenching for some more wires – front yard lights


Weather center room – three monitors are up for WPSD – ABC – CBS
These will come in handy during severe weather outbreaks.

Time to bring up the back up power supply units

These are the big lights on top of the house – back.  Will be awesome
during snowstorms.  🙂

Media closet will soon fill up – all of the
OEM and weather instruments will run
out of here.

Jason and Jess Darnall helping to put together the shelving units for
the computers and back up power supply units.

Jason Darnall helping to pull
together the weather center

Jason Darnall


And it is coming together.  These units
will power the computers when the power goes
off – before the generator kicks in or in case
the generator doesn’t kick in.

Click for larger image – evening at the farm.

Click for large image





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