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Archive: April 7th, 2010

April 7, 2010: Stormy day – lunch with friends

Well, we were in a slight risk of severe weather today.  The storms produced some wind and hail.  Perhaps one tornado near Carbondale.  Waiting to see what the NWS finds out about that one.  We had a lot of rain and lightning here at the house.  Tornado watch earlier this afternoon and evening.  No warnings for Metropolis or Paducah.

It was a low end event situation.  Instability was lacking – but there was some decent wind shear.  So – we did have a lot of storms scattered around.

It has been a very quiet severe weather season.  This was the first event we have had in months.  Really – about six months.  Long time!

Joey and I went to Tribecca and had lunch with Sue, Caesar, and Geri.  Had a great time catching up.  I was afraid we might not make it because of the storms – but I called mother nature and told her to hold off for a few hours.  🙂  So – she did!

Signed up for school – starts in May.  Art Appreciation.  I don’t know how I ended up needing that class.  I only need four classes to finish my Bachelors Degree.  That was one of them.  A creative writing class is another one that I need.  Then two more language classes.  I have no idea what I will take – guess we will figure that out.  I am not going to let four classes stand in the way of a Bachelor’s Degree in GeoScience.  🙂

Everything else is moving along – hoping Bobby and them will finish up my house.  That or we are going to not paint the floor and just move our cars into the garage.  One or the other.