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Archive: May 16th, 2010

May 16, 2010: Where is the rain! Tyler’s baseball – Joey’s mother graduation

  Well, we have been waiting ALL week for the rain.  It has been forecast to fall every single day.  But – it has yet to fall here!  The joy of trying to forecast for a small area.  It has rained alllllll around us – alllllll week long.  Even severe thunderstorms with tennis ball size hail.  But – just not here!  PERHAPS tonight it will finally rain?  We shall see.  I have just about given up on the subject.

  Joey, mother, and I went to Tyler’s baseball game on Friday night.  He won!  So, that is good.  We uploaded some video to Facebook.  So – you can catch that there.

  Joey’s mom graduated yesterday – she had gone back to school.  We went out to eat afterwards.  So – CONGRATULATIONS to Joey’s mom!

  Dione is going back to school this summer.  I am glad to hear this news!  She is leaning towards social worker classes.

  My school starts tomorrow I do believe – some more weather classes.  My Art Appreciation class doesn’t start until June.  Thought it was earlier.

  We are going to Alaska the first part of June – my mother and Jason/Jess/Joey (Judy as well).  Hmmm all J’s!

  Waiting to hear if Mihai might be coming to visit in June.  He is looking at getting a Visa.  Might hear some more on that subject in a week or two.  Going to visit Toronto at the end of August and first part of September.  I asked Doug to order up some snow.  We will see if he can deliver.  Hopefully so!  That would be WAY early for snow.  lol

  Not much else new to report – staying busy.  Waiting for the rain to arrive.