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Archive: August 3rd, 2008

August 3, 2008: Everything is moving along nicely…

  It has been a busy week!  We have Ashcreek finished and ready for the new people to move in.  They will get immediate possession.  We are closing on Wednesday.  It appears this is a done deal.  They are moving in on Friday.  That is my understanding.

  We have been busy with the house plans, solar ideas, cleaning up the rent house, working outside to get the yard looking nice, and dealing with all the normal daily activities! 

  Yes, Sue,  we have a bunch of questions to answer!  I wish I had all the answers to the questions (by the way the building to the left in the photo is the garage)!  We are still working on what type of exterior we are putting on the house, what type of floors, color schemes, and well the list is endless!  I don’t know how we will make all of these decisions.  My friend, Julie, built a few years ago and she told me that there would be a million decisions.  I believe her now!

  We went out to eat with Tony and Deena, Bobby and Judy, and David and Joey Friday night.  Bobby and Judy went as well.  David and Joey were also there.  We had a good time.  Bobby will be helping to build our house.  We are meeting with him next week.

  Lots going on!  That is probably an understatement.  I get my finals back this week.  I already know I made an A on one of them.  Waiting to hear about the radar course.

  I went to the Fancy Farm Picnic yesterday.  This was the first time I have attended.  There were a lot of people there!  I would guess well over a thousand.  HOT HOT HOT was the word.  Then you add in all the hot air from the politicians!  So it was VERY hot!  I went with junior.

One of the few honest politicians at the picnic!

Apparently they did not get the memo.  🙂

Joey and I put up a fence for Daisy.  Don’t want her running off!