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Archive: August 11th, 2008

August 11, 2008: Made it to Toronto

  We flew out of Nashville, TN this morning at 10 AM.  Landed in Toronto at 1 PM (eastern time).  Not a bad flight.  Clear weather…few clouds.  Nice! 

  Temperatures here in Toronto are in the 70s.  It feels great out.  Not missing the heat or humidity…although it has cooled down some back home.  Doug said that it rained a lot yesterday.  A wet summer up here.

  We met Doug at a restaurant and talked for a few hours.  We then headed over to Chapter’s Bookstore.  Nice to catch up with Doug!

  Listened to President Bush a few minutes ago.  He appeared to be pissed off.  Guess he told Russia to get out of Georgia.  I will be curious to see how Russia responds. 

  Tony is working on an interesting business prospect for us.  Hopefully it works out…if it is meant to be!!

  Some photos from today…

Our plane to Toronto. 

Joey – Doug – and me

Joey at the Chapter’s Bookstore in Toronto

A BEAUTIFUL day in Toronto!

  Our plane leaves in one hour…we board at 8 PM.


August 11, 2008: Heading to Toronto…

  We are heading to the airport.  The plane leaves around 9 AM for Toronto.  We then are going into the city to meet up with Doug.  Should be there a little after 2 PM.  Then back to the airport by 6 PM for the plane ride to Italy.  Should arrive in Italy sometime tomorrow morning.  Nine hour flight.  Not too bad.

  The weather here in Nashville is beautiful this morning.  Perfect sunrise.  🙂  Not a cloud in the sky.  Good flying weather!