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Archive: August 9th, 2008

August 9, 2008: New KIVA Partners


I have some new KIVA partners.  If anyone is interested in helping KIVA then just click on their website.  (see link within their name).

Here is a nice section about KIVA.  CLICK HERE


Mihneta, a 50-year-old woman living in the town of Doboj, earns about $225 per month 
selling the milk produced by her cow, while her husband works seasonally. She 
would now like to expand her business by purchasing a second dairy cow, and is 
therefore requesting a loan. This will be her second loan with Zene za Zene, and it 
is Mihneta’s plan to use any remaining funds from the loan to purchase food for her 
chickens and cows  She is from Doboj, Bosnia and Gerzegovina.



Richard Zenegba is 35 years old, is married and a father of 4 children. He is a textile 
artisan from Assahoun, a village located approximately 50 kilometers from Lome, 
the Togolese capital. He has carried on this activity for the past 5 years and the fruits 
of his work help him to provide for the needs of his family. With this loan, his second 
from FECECAV, Richard would like to buy strings for his textile work, and to arrange 
his workshop. This will enable him build his clientele and earn more money to 
provide for the needs of his family.

Translated from French by Ivana Kostic, Kiva Volunteer.

Richard Zenegba est âgé de 35 ans, marié et père de 4 enfants. Il est tisserand à Assahoun, 
un village situé à environ 50 kilomètres de Lomé, la capitale togolaise. Il exerce cette activité depuis 
5 ans et les fruits de son travail lui permettent de subvenir aux besoins de sa famille. Richard souhaite 
par ce crédit, le deuxième de FECECAV, acheter des ficelles lui permettant d’exécuter son travail, et 
aménager son atelier. Ceci lui permettra de conquérir beaucoup de clients et de gagner plus d’argent 
pour subvenir aux besoins de sa famille.

He is located in Assahoun, Togo.  Machine shop.  He needs to buy strongs for his workship.


Gulnoroy Zakirloeva lives in the town of Yavan with her family. 
She is married and has five children. They live in hardship 
and her husband left to Russia to find work, but there have 
not been any income from him yet. Gulnoroy has been taking 
care of the family by herself by working in agriculture. At this 
time she needs to buy mineral fertilizer to grow her product. 
It will help her get a good quality harvest. She has turned for 
help to get a loan which she will pay off within 18 months.  

Translated from Russian by Elena Fedorchuk, Kiva Volunteer.

Закирлоева Гулнурой жительница города Яван. Домохозяйка . Живет со своей семьей . Замужем , имеет пятерых детей. Условия в которых они живут тяжелые . муж уехал на заработки в Россию , но никаких доходов с его стороны не поступает. Гулнурой сама , занимаясь сельским хозяйством обеспечивает свою семью.Сейчас ей нужно купить минеральные удобрения для оброботки продукции. Это даст возможность получить качественный урожай. Поэтому она обратилась к нам за кредитом , который сможет погасить в течении 18 месяцев.

Her name is Gulnuroy Zakirloeva.  She slives in Yavan, Tajikistan.  Agriculture is their business.



Khun Kear, 35, takes care of her household, and lives in Siem Reap with her husband, 
Lenn Theat, and one of her children. Her husband travels around the community and 
sells firewood to a variety of businesses, making US$5 each day. Her child helps her husband 
with his firewood business, but they need to purchase two cows and a cart to aid with the 
transportation. Their current transportation is unreliable and they need to be able to 
depend on the business to support their family. Khun Kear has asked CREDIT for a loan 
of US$700 to purchase these items for her husband, to help support her family. She believes 
that his investment can increase her daily income and improve her standard of living.

Her name is Khun Kear.  She is located in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.  Fule and firewood
are her two main sellers.  She need to purchase a cart for business and transportion





Mrs. Abibata Souleymane was born on November 27, 1976 in Lomé.
She is married to Mr. Watika Alegah who is a cook in a local restaurant.
She sells cereals (millet, corn, sorghum, and soy) in the Agoè market.
She began this business in 2002.
Le premier crédit qu’elle sollicite lui permettra d’acheter quatre sacs 
de mil, 3 sacs de maïs, 3 sacs de sorgho et deux sacs de soja. Ces 
achats viendront augmenter son stock de céréales.

This first loan that she is requesting will allow her to purchase 4 
sacks of millet, 3 sacks of corn, 3 sacks of sorghum, and 2 sacks of soy. 
These purchases will bolster her stock of cereals.

Translated from French by Teresa Kramer, Kiva volunteer

Madame SOULEYMANE Abibata est née le 27 novembre 1976 
à Lomé. Elle s’est mariée à monsieur ALEGAH Watika qui est un 
cuisinier dans un restaurant de la place. Elle est revendeuse de céréales 
(Mil, Maïs, Sorgho, soja) dans le marché d’Agoè. Elle a commencé 
cette activité depuis 2002.




08-09-08: Decisions and Crossroads

  I have learned, throughout my life, that there are crossroads.  There are times that we have to stand back and make a decision.  These are the decisions that will shape not only tomorrow but the rest of your life.  Crossroads.  Do we go left or do we go right.  Should we go forward and turn around.  Decisions not easily made.  Thus, the crossroad. 

  There have been many crossroads throughout my life.  I suppose that is no secret since I started this blog.  It was first started for my family and my friends in Canada.  They could follow along to see my progress through the system in Alabama.  They could stay updated on what was happening…the good and the bad.  I never intended for the blog to become quite so public.  I did, however.  I am okay with that.  I am more okay with that because I have had so many people over the years email me and tell me "thank you" for encouraging them through their own difficult battles. 

  The blog has also helped me, though.  It has been a sounding board for me to talk about not only how I feel but what it is like to battle addictions, to battle nightmares from experiences in the past.  Depression.  I have been extremely candid at times.  Hiding little about myself.  Trying to be true to myself.  Sure, I don’t post everything that happens.  There are times when events have simply gotten away from me and I had to start back over.

  The achievements over the last few years have been a struggle to achieve.  They did not happen overnight.  It is the fight that you overcome that makes the victories so much sweeter.  They did not happen without the tremendous help of some of my friends and family.  We fought a battle that almost killed me more than once against alcohol.  It took me a long time to finally slay that dragon.  At least it is somewhere injured and hurt.  Will it ever return?  I hope not.  Can I promise that?  No, of course not.  To believe in my head that I have beat something that very few people ever truly concur would be foolish.  What I need to do is to state that today I am on top of the problem.  We are actually nearing 1000 days of being on top of the problem.  That comes in September.  I am proud of that.  It has been difficult and it has been trying.  But, I did it.  🙂  I did this by believing in myself and by others believing in me.

  There is a lot at stake tonight.  Tomorrow and the coming days, as well.  I have some very hard choices to make.  Do I proceed with this expensive house.  Do I sit down and try to make the house a bit more simplistic.  How do I want to invest this money.  What are my long time goals.  What are my goals period.  Where does this house fit into all of my goals.

  I want to live on the farm.  I want to live on that hill and watch the weather!  I want to be happy and comfortable up there.  But, I also know that I am gone about six months out of the year.  I am here for spring tornado season and fall season weather season.  I will be away during the winter months and I would like to start doing some other chasing – hurricanes and others. 

  That is a problem.  If you are not home for half the year then what kind of house do you need?  What kind of house do I want.  What would be fair to me and those around me.  What can we live with.  Some people have nothing…I had nothing at one time.  So I know how important it is for me to make the right decision in what comes next. 

  I have a HUGE responsibility to handle this properly.  I have my family to think about.  My nephew and nieces to think about.  I have Joseph to think about.  I have a lot of people that are counting on me to do the right thing.

  I have ambitions outside of meteorology.  Once I finish school then I would like to get more into photography.  I also have to think about down the road.  Where will I be in 5 or 10 years.  Will I be here?  I believe I will always have a place here.  That isn’t the same thing as being here though.  The potential for me living in two places is quite high. 

  There are a lot of people watching me.  I feel like I need to block all of that out.  I need to do what is right for me.  Make the right decision in order for tomorrow to be the way I want it to me.

  I am steering this ship.  I am in charge of handling all of this, properly.  I am that captain.  I have but once chance to do this right.  I have one chance to mess this up.  I have been given the task of making all this turn out right.   It is a big responsibility for me to carry on my shoulders.  It is all I think about…day and night.  That probably means it is something that I need to figure out…and soon.

  I am nervous but yet calm.  I am trying to express these feelings to David and Tony.  Joey as well.  I am not sure they totally understand where I am at.  I am worried that they are concerned my indecisiveness is going to cause some problems.  

  The way I see this, the problems are going to come because I don’t make a hard decision.  The lack of decisions is going to cause me more grief and will not fulfill the goals I have set before me.  So i know what the right decisions are and have for some time now.  Implementing and sharing those decisions is not quite as easy.

  So, now what to do.