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Archive: August 12th, 2008

August 12, 2008: 4 AM Emergency Landing

  Apprently our airplane had a problem in the engine.  It lost a lot of oil out over the Atlantic.  So they had to turn the plane around and bring us to Goose Bay – Labrador.  We are in Newfoundland.  🙂  The weather is cloudy and it is very cool outside.  Coolest weather we have experience since last spring.  I love it.

  Thankful that the plane landed here and not in the Atlantic!!!!

  The air port is very small.  This appears to be a military town.  The airport put us up at some army barracks overnight.  All a grand adventure.   We did have showers…dried off with sheets (no towells).

  Clouds are very low and gray.  It has been raining.  Chilly rain!  Lot of black flies (if you don’t know what those are then you are lucky).  They swarm all over you.  There would be more of them if it wouldn’t be so cool.  Hot weather and black flies = trouble.

  Lot of pine trees and the like.  You know you are VERY far north just based on the type of trees.  Totally different climate up here.  I bet winters here are amazing.


Airplane earlier this morning…  Everyone getting off the plane and heading for buses.



Then they put us on these buses – drove us to the local army barracks

David pointing to our current location.  A bit off course!!!!!

Joey on the bus!!

An older couple at the front of the bus.  Everyone was in a great mood though and in good spirits.  I didn’t
hear anyone complaining.  Made everything easier.


Joey letting his mother know he is safe 🙂


This is where we stayed – building 315.  Army barracks.

Getting ready to go into the building

The inside view of the barracks.  This is MUCH nicer than Katrina and Rita!!!!


Another shot at the barracks room where we stayed the night.

Me at 4:30 AM this morning.   I actually felt awake!!!!  I slept a couple of hours on the plane.

  So all is well in Goose Bay.  🙂  Having a great time.  Always an adventure.

  We will arrive in Rome on Wednesday – close to midnight.  Plane is getting ready to leave now…posting from this small airport in Goose Bay.