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Archive: December 28th, 2008

December 28, 2008: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  Wow – long day 🙂  I think I am already worn out!  So much to see.  We spent the whole day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Lot of fun.  Saw a lot of animals.  Rode the rides. 


Tyler and Danielle on one of the roller coasters




Danielle – Tony – Deena at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Dylan and Tony


Joey at Dino Land



Joey kissing one of the many dinosaurs






Safari at Disney – we saw a lot of animals – I think the giraffe’s are my favorite


Giraffes – Disney Safari


Safari Disney


Tree of life – Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Tyler and Danielle playing the bongos


Beau and Joey – Tree of Life


Tony eating some leaves








Danielle eating her ice cream – actually a chocolate coverered bananna



December 27, 2008: Epcot

  Everyone had a great day at Epcot.  It was a long day.  I think everyday at Disney is probably a long day.  By the end of all of it we were ready to go to bed.  Well, at least the adults were ready to go to bed!  Didn’t get to see everything at Epcot, but we are going back there another day to see the rest.

  A few fast rided!  I think I had some motion sickness a few times!  I guess fast rides will do that to you.

  Looks like they had some high winds back home.  A line of thunderstorms roared through our counties last night.  Nothing unexpected, though.  Winds at the airport gusted between 50-60 mph.  Lot of rain.  Temperature was 76 yesterday.  That is just insane for December.  Crazy weather.

  A few photos from yesterday 🙂


Chip and Dale


Tony – year of a million dreams 🙂



Nick the greeter – Tony thought we should get our picture with him.  He makes a great greeter.



Tyler playing us some music


The family – well missing the photographer 😉


Beau and Joey in front of Epoc


Tyler found a car!!!


Dylan texting his girlfriend for the 200th time today.  🙂

  We are heading to animal kingdom today.