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Archive: March 12th, 2009

March 12, 2009: A flurry or two – house on the farm

  Well, our little winter storm produced a few flurries in Paducah.  We had a small dusting on the lawn chair!  That is about it.  West Tennessee had more snow, again.  Looks like they are the snow winners this year.  Spring is getting closer and closer with each passing day.  The flowers are even starting to bloom.  We have a ton of "Easter Flowers" blooming in the front yard.  🙂 

  I am having to make a fire plan for our Glenn Argo apartments.  The fire marshall said we had to have one.  So, in the midst of drawing everything out (well Joey actually drew it out on one of his programs) I had to add arrows.  The arrows are supposed to tell people where to go in the event of a fire.  So, I put an arrow on every door and then arrows guiding them down the stairs and out the front or back door – I also put arrows on the windows.  This seems like a fairly obvious thing, but that is what we were asked to do.  So, anyway – in the process of drawing all of the arrows I had a totally blonde moment.  I asked Joey – "so these stairs do they go only up or can you go up and down them".  😛  The words had barely escaped my mouth when I realized what I had said.  lol  I guess I can blame my cold medicine or that I was so "into" drawing the arrows that I didn’t even think about what I was saying.  I told Joey that he probably shouldn’t tell anyone that I asked that question.  (I know Sue is laughing at this post) 😛

  Speaking of my cold – so I went to Oklahoma last week and felt okay when I left.  By the time the first night had come and gone I started having a few sniffles.  Then before I got back on the airplane I had a full blown cold.  Felt terrible at the airport.  But – we pushed forward and made it on the plane.  Well – at some point during the landing in Kansas City I couldn’t pop my left ear.  You know how the pressure difference makes your ears pop.  Well, my left ear wouldn’t pop.  I didn’t think anything about it at the time.  However, now it is a week later!  Still can’t hear out of my left ear.  I went to the doctor yesterday and they gave me some antibiotics.  Upon calling my sister she said I should try Sudafed or the swimmers ear stuff.  The guy at CVS said to skip the swimmers ear but to try the Sudafed.  So, that is what I am trying – that and my antibiotics.  Hopefully I can hear again soon.  It is a very weird feeling.  If I tilt my head upside down then I can hear.  lol  I guess I can walk around with my head upside down.  Might look weird, though.

  I was at the farm today – they have delivered wood!  Looks the framing will begin next week.  🙂  That is the plan!!!!


The "stairs" and yes you can go up or down them 😛 😛 😛