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Archive: March 29th, 2009

March 29, 2009: Welcome to spring – errr winter – errr spring – errr winter

  Well, never a dull moment in the weather world.  Rain and thunderstorms followed by snow flurries and cold.  Repeat and rinse.  Looks like the active weather will continue this week.  Thunderstorms are possible on Tuesday and again Thursday/Friday and then again next Saturday night and Sunday.  ACTIVE – will be the weather word.

  Severe weather?  Not likely with Tuesdays system and most likely not with the Thursday/Friday event.  The weekend event – still not sure.  These systems are always "nowcasting" and sometimes spring can bring surprise events.  So, we will have to keep an eye on each weather system as it tracks through the region.

  Dangerous thunderstorms ROARED through the region last night.  Tornadoes and large hail hit portions of South Indiana, West Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Several people were injured a couple of counties to our northeast as a tornadic supercell moved through the Henderson, KY area and then into Evansville.  Houses were damaged and destroyed in the storms path.  Some chasers reported baseball size hail.  Golfball size hail reports were received by the National Weather Service Office in Paducah. 

  Thankfully Paducah missed out on this storm.  Some hail was reported in Massac County.  Small hail.  Tornado watches were issued for portions of the region.

  Spring?  Today temperatures fell into the 30s.  Snow flurries were reported in Southeast Missouri and South Illinois.  Strong winds brought the wind chill down into the 20s and lower 30s.  It did NOT feel like spring up on the hill today.  The guys were all bundled up – this in contrast to last week when they had their shirts off and were getting sunburnt.  Easy come – easy go when it comes to weather in this region.


Temperature graph from one of our new weather stations in Kevil, KY – temperature chart yesterday – see the
cold front???   🙂  🙂


  Record/historic snowfall was reported across portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.  Snow drifts up to the eaves of houses were reported in the blizzard warned area of Texas and Oklahoma.  Crazy weather!  Normal for spring, though.

  The week ahead?  Well – looks like we close on our Murray apartments on Tuesday and then I have to do taxes.  That will be fun.  Not.  Back and forth to the farm to watch the progress of the building.  Also – school.  We are in our fourth quarter.  Then these two classes will come to an end.  Two classes to go!!!!!!  Then a big final test – which I am already dreading.  A test that covers all three years.  Does not sound fun to me.  🙂 

  Had lunch with Bobby Vaughn today.  Also took him and showed him the building progress.  We cranked up the big antenna.  It is not as tall as the Oak tree.  Close, though!!!!

  I went to see "Monsters VS Aliens" last night with Deena, Tony, and Tyler.  The movie was in 3D  🙂  Funny movie – even had a weatherman in it!!!!!


  Some photos from today…


The garage on the east side of the house.


THe guys are hard at work



Bobby with his new Tonka Toy  🙂






Garage is coming along – won’t be long and it will be in the dry



We cranked the tower up – pretty high!!!!!!