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Archive: March 23rd, 2009

March 23, 2009: Another nice day! Rain on the way! Garage going up!

  Nice and warm today – 70s!  Some clouds but nice otherwise.  Winds were starting to pick up – was on the hill earlier and the winds were strong.  Looks like we should see 40+ mph winds on Tuesday into Tuesday night.   It also appears a line of showers and locally heavy thunderstorms will push through the region on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  Storm Prediction Center has placed our region in a slight risk – I doubt we see much, though.  I am more interested in the Friday/Saturday system.  Will have to keep a close eye on the path of the low pressure.  If we end up in the warm sector then severe weather will be possible.  Stay tuned…

  The garage is going up – at the farm.  Looks like they are putting the walls up today.  Next week we may start to see the second floor.  We will be up over 30 feet at the very top!  Should be able to watch the storms roll in.  🙂


Southern Illinois Electric was working on the electrical lines.


Southern Illinois Electric


The walls of the garage are going up!  Tornado shelter there to the back.




The crew is working hard!



Down the road from us – we thought this horse was cool



Looks like they are cleaning up the old barn on the farm.  Guess this will become farmland.  You can see the tree
damage in the background from the big ice storm.


We have a hold now in the mound – now we can run wires to the tower – underground.  Eventually the mound
of dirt will become yard.


Miss Daisy – earlier this morning 🙂