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Archive: March 20th, 2009

March 20, 2009: Disappointing Paducah Sun article on earthquakes

  The Paducah Sun ran an editorial today concerning a new study that has been released concerning the New Madrid Fault.  The study was conducted over the last few years and basically states that the possibility of a large earthquake MAY not be as high as once thought.  However, the study also acknowledges that there is MUCH uncertainty on this topic and further research is needed.  History has shown that a series of large earthquakes have rattled this region over thousands of years.  The most recent quakes measuring over 7.0 occurred during the 1800s.

  Unfortunately, the Paducah Sun article (opinion editorial) leads one to believe that perhaps we do not need to be prepared for an earthquake after all.  This is foolishness and also goes against everything that emergency management and other agencies have spent years telling area residents

  There is no indication that a large earthquake will not again shake this region.  The likelihood of a large earthquake is significant.

  The conclusions of this one study are premature and only take into consideration a VERY narrow time frame of study.  Earthquakes have happened on the New Madrid throughout history.  There is nothing to suggest that the quakes will just suddenly stop "today". 

  Unfortunately some media outlets may be causing more harm than good by suggesting that the earthquake threat has diminished.

  The ice storm may have been A "big one" but it isn’t and wasn’t "THE" big one.  It is irresponsible to simply take one study and "jump right on it" – especially when it goes against everything scientists have always known or believed about the New Madrid Fault.  MUCH caution should have been used when reporting on this topic.  Unfortunately, it appears some have thrown caution to the wind and reported half the story.

  Hopefully area residents are smart enough to understand that the threat has not diminished and that they should always be prepared for natural disasters – of any type.






March 20, 2009: Looks like the walls are going up!

  Looks like a few more walls are up today.  🙂  She is moving along nicely!!!!!