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Archive: July 3rd, 2009

Juuly 3, 2009: Running wires for OEM antennas and weather cams

  Jason and Jess came up to the farm this morning at 8 am and we ran a ton of wires.  Not sure how many feet of wire we ran, but it was several miles I would imagine!  I think we got a lot done today, though.  So, that is good! 


  Looks like most of the tower cams on the big tower are ready to be turned on.  Also the emergency management radios are ready to be hooked up to the antennas!  Will still be awhile until we get electricity, though.

  I think we were completely covered in dust when we left.  There is so much dust up there because of all the work going on – the ground has been worked over.  I was HAPPY to get a shower when I got back home.

  There could be a significant outbreak of severe thunderstorms over portions of our region on Saturday.  This is really going to mess with outdoor activities.  Unfortunately it appears that it could be a rather significant event for some counties.  Let’s hope not, though.

  Some of the photos that Jess and I took today –


Jason bringing the big tonka toy over to the tower.  Jess is in the swing


Jason pulling up to the tower


Take me higher!!!!



Click photo for larger images


Jason and Jess helping run wires to the big tower


Anything for OEM 🙂 and weather!





Running wires to the tower cams




Running more wires – and more wires – and more wires


OEM antennas


Jason climbing the tower





Digital antenna



I think I was completely covered with dust today


Jess helping to push wires up the tower and watching to make sure I don’t fall 🙂


Jason climbing up the tower


Jason running wires through the conduit


View to the west/northwest


Weather instruments



The house – I see a hawk there to the left above the roof line