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Archive: July 7th, 2009

July 7, 2009: Latest trail cam photos – beams going up in the family room

  A nice day outside.  Not too hot and not too cold.  🙂  Just right!  A little humid – perhaps.  Still nice, though.

  Some new deer have appeared on the trail cam.  Looks like a buck and a baby deer – fawn.  Also the mother 🙂

  The guys were working hard today.  Looks like they got all of the beams up in the family room.  These are from an old barn that was torn down!  They look great.  They got them up pretty fast – just a few hours.  Lot of heavy lifting!

  Tony, Rob and I went to the farm this morning and met with Tommy and some others.  Trying to get the final pieces to the electrical puzzle finished.  It is moving along.  Looks like another 2 weeks until they are finished with that part of the process.


Click images for larger photos – buck 🙂






The mother


The fawn and its mother



Reed Electric


Working to get the beams up in the family room 🙂






Click images for larger size




Beams in the family room – reclaimed barn wood








Tony and me – carrying in the thing that goes on top of the
garage.  I think it is called a Cupola – something like that!



Giant ant hill.  Okay well maybe it isn’t an ant hill.  🙂



July 6, 2009: Nice day outside! Decks are coming along.

  Spent most of the morning running wires under the house – again.  Had to clean some of them off – too much mud.  So, that is what I did this morning.  Mike and Jena stopped by to visit.  I gave them the grand tour.  Then Dione and Tommy stopped by.  Tommy thinks we will not be moving in by October.  I told him we would be having a BBQ in November and would be moving in during the month of October.  We shall see 🙂

  Rodney and his nephew were working on the decks.  Looks like they are almost finished with the first floor.  Next comes the second floor decks.  They still have to be built, though.  I am excited.  Everything seems to be making progress on all fronts.  A few little things here and there that need to be changed.  Otherwise the next stage should be coming soon.

  Spent the evening working on homework.  I swear this Oceanography class is the spawn of the devil.  I don’t know anybody that is enjoying the class.  Weather Predction II however is fun.  So, 50/50.

  Otherwise – went to the gym and lifted weights.  Thinking about preparing for my trip next week – Rhode Island.

  Nothing else new to report – that I can think of at least.  I need to check the trail cam – Joey saw four deer this morning out in the corner of the field.  I should move my cam.


  Some photos from today – Dione took a few of these – she made some artwork on my walls.


The tower with weather cameras and instruments on it


Rodney and his nephew building the decks.  The deck is looking very nice!


The deck is coming along.  The hottub is in place, as well


Sunroom and back deck



Backyard area – Daisy’s eventual yard area.


Muddy again


One of Dione’s creating drawings



Dione’s work of art – mocking my forecasting ability no doubt!  🙂  uh huh