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Archive: July 18th, 2009

July 18, 2009: The party is over – now homework begins

  Well, the conference is over.  We are heading back to Kentucky and Illinois tomorrow (later morning).  Will be home during the evening.  After that everything is going to center around quizzes, tests, finals, and the big big tests at the end of the program – that test will cover three years of the meteorology program.  So, I have the feeling that the next four to six week is going to be spent in studying.  I have to go down to Mississippi to the university the first week of August.  That will be to go over the big final test.

  Stressful 🙂  A little.  On top of that we will be coming into the homestrech of the building process and starting to think about moving.  Everything will sort of coincide with each other.  At least we will have all of September to prepare the big move to the new house.

  Very excited about the possibility of moving into the house during the month of October.  I feel pretty good – after seeing all of that work that the guys have gotten finished over the last few weeks.  I think we can at least have the second floor finished.  That will get us in the house and Jason and I can get the weather room up and running.  In time for severe weather season and winter?  Maybe.  We shall see.  That is the goal.

  Of course the main concentration is going to have to be on school.  MAJOR tests this week and next week – including finals.  I have to do good on the finals – they are worth a huge percentage of my classroom grade.  So far I have an A in both classes.  I would like to keep those grades.  However, I will be happy with an A B or C at this point. 

  Going to be extremely busy the next few weeks – I have a feeling there might be more than one tear!  But, I am pretty sure that we can push forward – work hard – and be happy at the end of the day.  Just trying to juggle everything will be a trick!

  I just will keep the eye on the prize – a house and my broadcast meteorology certification!!!!

  Here comes the studying!!!!!


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