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Archive: July 20th, 2009

July 20, 2009: Cupola going up on the house

  Well, we made it home.  The trip to Rhode Island was nice.  Eastern US WX Conference was fun.  Learned a bit about convective snow banding from one of the speakers.  Really enjoyed all of the talks, though.  Fun meeting people!   We made it home about 8 or 9 pm last night.  Was a long day of travel.

  The weather here is AMAZING.  Rain is on the way, though.  Tommy (my brother-in-law) is going to blame me for this!  He told me to stay in Rhode Island so the weather would stay nice here.  Oh well – what can you do.  I love rain.  🙂

  The Cupola – don’t ask me that is what they call it – is going on top of the house today.  Rodney, Don, and Nathan were working hard this afternoon on getting it up on the garage roof.

  Otherwise, homework and tests.  I have six tests in the next two weeks – including finals.  🙁  BUT – then it is ALMOST over.  One HUGE test at the end of the three year program – you have to make a B or higher on it to pass the entire program.  That has me stressing out already.  Anyhoo – no time to stress.  Just need to study and work on the current tests at hand.

  Some photos from today – as always you can click for larger image size


I am excited – they have the Cupola put together.


Top of the Cupola


The farm rooster for the top


Joey doesn’t look quite as excited as I was  🙂


Rodney and Nathan putting the Cupola up on the roof.  Don is driving the tractor today


Rodney and Nathan


Don is driving the Tonka Toy today


The hatch is open off of the observation deck


Nathan lifting the Cupola up on the roof




Rodney and Nathan on top of the garage



Nathan on top of the garage working on the Cupola






Nathan and Rodney working on the Cupola







Rodney and Nathan




Back of the house



We have water!!!!