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Archive: February 11th, 2008

February 11, 2008: Winter Carnival Sights!!

  Mixture of photographs that I took over the last couple of days.  The Winter Carnival is going full force around the city.  Off and on snow has only added to the wintery scene.  We had heavy snow overnight with high winds. 


400th Anniversary of Quebec City – Ice Sculpture


The St. Lawrence Seaway behind me – lot of ice flowing down and up the river






They are still working on the boat sculpture – coming along nicely though



Downhill car racing – just one more winter sport for the Winter Festival!!!!







Some VERY chilly clowns!


…In a one horse open sleigh (okay well two horses then)



I can only imagine what these two are thinking. 








If I could just bring all of this home with me




The band even plays in the snow….wouldn’t your lips get stuck to the instruments????



There were a lot of kids out and about – all bundled up!


Winter Carnival 2008 – time for some warm exercises


Now this is the way to celebrate winter!






Joey out and about the city




St Lawrence Seaway in the background…





The kids of Quebec City celebrating the 400th anniversary of the town.


What a life!!!!  Faster now!


Can this little guy even see????





February 11, 2008: A cold morning in Quebec City

  A cold morning across this region.  Snow fell most of the night and winds started gusting over 40 mph.  Some blowing and drifting snow around the city.  We will be heading to the airport later this morning.  Waterloo is our next stop.


A WINTERY QUEBEC CITY!   I have a feeling this horse will be happy when winter comes to an end.


Yesterday afternoon before the snow started to
pick up.  That is our hotel in the background.