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Archive: February 18th, 2008

February 19, 2008: Heading for Moscow!

  We are heading out to Moscow this morning.  The plane will leave at 10 a.m.  It appears we will have a three hour plane ride.  Not bad.  The forecast in Moscow is for freezing rain on and off through the next five days – some snow over the weekend as well.  Sounds like my kind of weather!


February 18, 2008: Another ice storm/winter weather coming?

  There is the potential for more winter weather across the Tri-State Region later this week.  Although there will be some chance of frozen precip in the coming 48 hours, I am mainly concerned about Thursday into Friday.  Some computer models indicate some icing across Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky.  WAY too early to make a call on this storm system.  Something to keep an eye on though.


February 18, 2008: Ashcreek Open House…Update

  Since someone asked 🙂

  Ashcreek had an open house on Sunday.  There were about 8 families that looked at the house.  Three were interested and one was especially interested.  Tony said that they wanted a bit more information.  We will provide that and see what happens.  SURE WOULD BE NICE TO SELL!!!!!


February 18, 2008: Lazy Day in Zurich…

  We spent most of this afternoon wondering around Zurich.  We did a bit of shopping…mainly looking for something to buy our sisters.  Other than that it was simply a BEAUTIFUL day here.  Temperatures are in the upper 40s and it feels like spring.  I honestly believe I am ready for warm weather!  I know people back home are still wanting snow (and there is some snow in the forecast) but SPRING is right around the corner.  MARCH will be here SOON!  I say BRING IT ON!!!!!  I am sure a lot of people will agree – especially after the nasty ice storm last week. 

  Speaking of sisters – Dione informed me that she didn’t even know I was in Zurich.  I guess she didn’t get the memo.  To be fair I didn’t know she was in Florida last week.  🙂

  It appears we had more damage at Ashcreek than previously thought.  A tree went through the pool cover.  That won’t be cheap to fix.  Waiting on estimates now.  i already have a good idea as to what it will cost.

  Here are some photos I took around the city today.



The crowd kept yelling "JUMP HEIDI JUMP" – maybe she knows that she is on the dinner menu???


If someone could just kindly explain this to me.  I
would be grateful. 


This needs to explaining.


Someone is having a quiet day in Zurich.