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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » August 7, 2008: Terrible forecast…
Thursday, August 7th, 2008

August 7, 2008: Terrible forecast…

  Well, the forecast yesterday didn’t pan out as expected.  Yes, there were some big storms in Pope and Massac Counties…lot of lightning – some damage.  The extent of the precipitation was not nearly what I expected.  It is August…and we don’t get that much severe weather in August.  Still, it looked better than it turned out to be.  So, a terrible forecast on my part.

  One part of the forecast that did pan out was the morning storms across southeast Missouri that clipped southern Illinois and western Kentucky.  Heavy rain and ton of lightning across many bootheel counties.  Western Tennessee as well.

  Trying to run errands today.  Lot going on.  Started to pack for Rome.  Backing up my files on my computer.  I lost a hard-drive last week with over 10,000 photos.  It has been sent off to be fixed.  NOT CHEAP.  SO BE WARNED!  BACK UP YOUR DATA!!!  I had backed some of it…just not all of it. 

  We are going to get a mirror drive that automatically backs everything up.  Should help fix some of the concern.

  We leave for Canada on Monday.  Flying out of Nashville on Monday morning and then for Italy on Monday night.  Europe flights are usually at night.  We should arrive on Tuesday morning.  Nine hour flight…something like that. 

  The forecast in Rome appears to be warm.  Perhaps 80-90 degrees.  Hopefully less humidity than Paducah!!!! 

  We close on the apartments on September 1st.  Contract is signed tomorrow.  We close on Ashcreek tomorrow at 4 PM.  🙂  Everything is moving along.


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