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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » August 8, 2008: Beautiful outside!!!!
Friday, August 8th, 2008

August 8, 2008: Beautiful outside!!!!

  A stunning day!  Temperatures are cooler and the dew points are down.  Finally some nice weather for southern Illinois and western Kentucky.  About time!  We have been suffering under the heat and humidity for weeks now.

  I love this weather!  Much better.  Last night was cool, as well.  I bet I am not the only person that is loving this weather.

  David, John, mother and me went out to eat last night.  We went to Whaler’s Catch (mothers favorite restaurant).  Had a great time.  Talked about a little bit of everything – politics to baseball!  John’s birthday is September 18th (I always have to remember how to get to the 18th – so I take Dione’s birthday, which is March 9th and then remember John’s is in September.  So 1+8=9.  The 9th.  John says just to remember it is one week after 9/11.  I told him that I liked my way better, even though I can never remember how to get there).   🙂  lol  Whatever works! 

  So, we may go to a baseball game in September.  The Red’s – some small team up in Cincinnati.  Not sure anyone has ever heard of them?  John seems to like them.  He "SAYYYYYSSSSS" that they are not a bad team.  I told him he should be a Cardinal’s fan or Cub’s fan.  Home teams.  I think he is set on the Reds.


Mother – Beau – John

  David took our picture.  Trying to get David in a picture isn’t as easy.  I told him that his mother would want some photos of him.  Maybe in Rome?


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