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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » March 15, 2009: Birthdays!
Sunday, March 15th, 2009

March 15, 2009: Birthdays!

  Well, we celebrated a lot of birthdays over the last few days.  Jennifer had her birthday and that party was last night.  There were a bunch of people there – lots of Jennifer and Brian’s friends!   I think Jennifer had a great time.  There was plenty of food and a huge birthday cake!!!!!  I followed Jason and Jess to their house.  I thought it would be further out in the country, but it really wasn’t all that far.  I told Jennifer/Brian/Jason/Jess we would have to have a bbq once we get my house built. 

  Then today we celebrated Dione and Ashton’s birthday.  Now actually Ashton had a birthday during the ice storm.  So, we are just now catching up on birthdays!!!!  Seems like everyone and everything is behind schedule this year.  But, what do you expect after a disaster of that nature.

  We all went to Patti’s today – in Grand Rivers.  Dione and Tommy went to a concert in Nashville last night – they drove back home today.  All very exciting blog information.  lol  🙂  Anyway, I don’t believe anyone left Patti’s hungry (do they ever).

  I still can not hear out of my left ear.  It is going on seven or eight days now.  Now everyone is making fun of me because I can’t hear anything.  Something about "pa use your good hear."  Now, at the birthday party last night I was having to concentrate on what everyone was saying because the music was playing and then someone talking to me.  I suppose when I could hear out of two ears that I could listen to two things at once!!!!  Not so much right now, though!  lol  When I talk it echoes back to me – so it really isn’t much fun to lose your hearing in one ear.  At least I have one ear still up and running!  Hopefully whatever is causing the problem will be resolved soon.  If not then I guess I will go back to the doctor.  I will give it until Wednesday!

  I am supposed to speak at a severe weather conference on Saturday.  So, it would be nice to be able to hear by then.  I promise to never take my hearing for granted again!  Something you don’t think about when you can hear.  I guess the same can be said about eyesight!  We take a lot of things in life for granted, I suppose.

  I went up to the farm this morning in Massac County.  It appears that they are ready to start building.  I was thinking they would start on Monday, but Tony informs me that they won’t start until Tuesday.  Hopefully we have some nice weather in the coming days.

  They are also supposed to put my emergency management radio tower up on Monday morning.  That is/was the plan.  I am waiting for a phone call on that subject.

  I have not heard from Sue in a couple of days, however, I did see some wonderful photographs she posted on her web-site.  So, I know she is alive and well!  Clicking away on her camera.


  Some photos from the weekend 🙂


Jennifer’s Birthday Cake


Lighting the candles





Jess – Jennifer – Me – Jason (not sure who took thjs photo)  🙂




Dione and Tommy celebrated Dione and Ashton’s birthday




Ready to build 🙂


Ready to build!


Tony sent me these photos of the kids 🙂  Trampoline!

Super Tyler 🙂


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