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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » March 30, 2009: Weather Instruments Going Up! Farm.
Monday, March 30th, 2009

March 30, 2009: Weather Instruments Going Up! Farm.

  Well, today was an exciting today – if you are a weather weenie.  Like myself.  😛  Bobby and Don lifted me up into the air about 30+ or so to place the anemometer op top of the 10 meter top.  I won’t be able to capture a good north wind, however, because of the house.  I will have another anemometer to capture that wind/speed. 

  It took us awhile to get everything installed.  We had to run back to Lone Oak to get a smaller pole to attach to the large pole on the tower.  The U-Bolts were not big enough the first time around.

  Eventually the weather instruments will be online – Wunderground – the tower cam as well.  Everything will be online for anyone to see (that is interested).

  So, we got everything running.  I plugged it into my car and it appeared that the wind direction and speed was correct.  Same with the rainfall – appeared to be reading just fine.  I need to mount the rain gauge, still.  Trying to figure that out with Jason Darnalls help.  We may have to put a small pole into the ground with a bag of concrete – something like that.

  We plan on installing the tower cam next weekend along with more instruments onto the larger tower – to the west.  We also need to put up all of the emergency management antennas.  Everything will be on back-up power – so if the power goes out the tower cam and instruments should continue to run.  We shall see!

  It appears that the house is coming along.  They have started on the floorboards on the second floor.  They believe the walls shoudl be up by next week.  Same with the garage.  It appears we have a lot more storage space than earlier thought – above the garage.  This is good news, because I wasn’t really sure what we were going to do as far as "extra’ stuff.  Christmas decorations – Halloween – so on.  Always something to store!

  Anyway – beautiful day outside.  Not too hot or cold.  This morning was chilly – it was in the 30s.

  Zoom – Zoom!  Everything is moving along.  The guys are working hard!!!!!!!


Unboxing the instruments.


The tower for the weather instruments – got this tower at Hughes in Paducah.  Mike Thomasson’s son Paul
sold me the tower.





Higher and higher 🙂


Time to put up the anemometer and wind vane.


TIme to put up the anemometer







Finishing up!!!


Thermometer and humidity


Thermometer being installed onto the tower





Instruments are up


Second floor is coming along!  One day it is cold and one day it is hot!  Sweatshirts today.


Dropping the wood down onto the floor


After they dropped the wood – I thought this was funny because it looks like they are line dancing up there!


Second floor


Space above the garage – "storage"  🙂



And finally this photo is for Tony – (I think the water guys were up there – unsure – this looks
new to me)




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