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Archive: June 27th, 2009

June 27, 2009: It is freakin HOT – also latest trail cam photos :)

  Yeesh – what the heck is this????  Over 100 again today for the heat index.  It is miserable outside.  I want SNOW!!!!  BRING ME SNOW!  BRING ME SNOW!!!  Chant – chant.  I know everyone agrees.  Right?


  Okay – seriously though, it is freakin hot outside.  Was at the farm early this morning and was so wet that I was shivering when I came inside to the air condition.  All you have to do is stand there and you sweat.  This weather is for – well for nobody. 

  THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT COOLER AND DRIER AIR IS COMING!!!!!  A cold front will move through the region tomorrow.  This front will lower temps and will bring lower dew points to the area.  THANK GOODNESS!  It can’t come soon enough.

  Went to the moves yesterday with Julie.  Saw "My Sisters Keeper".  It was a GREAT movie.  Highly recommend it.  We are going tomorrow (Tony and his family) to see Transformers.  Not sure if Dione or Tommy is going.  Mariah has seen it already.  It is also Tony’s birthday tomorrow.  🙂

  We ran wires most of today at the farm for the weather cameras.  I was under the house for awhile.  Had to go back this afternoon.  I was completely covered in dust and dirt.  I don’t think I have been that dirty since – hmm not sure.  Maybe when I was a kid????  lol  Pretty covered up with dirt. 

  Mosquitoes about killed me today up at the farm.  Which is weird because I just told Julie that we had not been having any mosquito problems.  I guess I shouldn’t have said that?

  The trail cam caught another deer 🙂  Not sure if it is the same deer as earlier in the week.  Still waiting to get a coyote or something more interesting.  A Bobcat would be cool – or a COUGAR!  lol  🙂  I would take a bear, as well.


Latest trail cam photo







Me under the house


Under the house – with the spiders and snakes.


A long day 🙂