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Archive: June 1st, 2009

June 1, 2009: Kentucky Colonel Award!

  Exciting day 🙂  Was awarded the Kentucky Colonel Award.  What makes this even better is that my uncle Robert Dodson was also given this award for his service to the military.  Coincidentally he was a meteorologist!  Robert’s information can be viewed here.

   My mom and dad went with me today.  Joey, as well.  🙂

  Kentucky Colonel is an honorary title bestowed upon individuals by approval of the Governor of Kentucky. It is not a military rank.  Award of the title requires nomination from an existing colonel. Nominators are expected to consider the nominee’s service and contributions to the global community before making a nomination. The sitting governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky bestows the honor of a Colonel’s Commission, by issuance of a certificate.

   The title Kentucky colonel has been around since 1813. When the Kentucky Militia was deactivated following the War of 1812. Governor Isaac Shelby commissioned Charles S. Todd, one of his officers in the campaign, as an aide-de-camp on the Governor’s Staff with the rank and grade of Colonel.  Todd married Shelby’s youngest daughter two years later.

  Early colonels actually served military roles. In the latter part of the 1800s, the position took on a more ceremonial function. Colonels in uniform attended functions at the Governor’s mansion and stood as symbolic guards at state events. By the late 1800s, the title had become more of an honorary one. However, since commissioned Kentucky Colonels are considered members of the Governor’s Staff and his honorary aides-de-camp, all are entitled to the style of Honorable as indicated on their commission certificates. This is rarely used, however; Kentucky Colonels are usually just referred to and addressed as Colonel.  Info from Wiki.

Notable colonels

Some of the more famous recipients include:


Kentucky Colonel Award


Herb Hendrickson and Beau Dodson



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May 31, 2009: A day with the family

  Well, we went to see the movie UP this afternoon.  It was a great movie.  I love Disney and Pixar!!!!  Excellent.

  It was hot outside – nearly 90 degrees.  I am not a fan.

 My oceanography class if terrible – hard – difficult.  Not lookin forward to this.  This class may very well break my straight A streak.  That is no good.  It is a hard one.

  Will keep moving forward, though!!!