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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » July 28, 2009: Sheet rock arrives
Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

July 28, 2009: Sheet rock arrives

  Well, I can’t say that today was not a stressful day.  I will say that being up at the farm was actually the least stressful part of the day.  I love being up there when it rains.  🙂  Glad the flooding missed us by 5 miles.  We had 0.08" at the farm, but areas a few miles north had 2-3" of rain in an hour or two.  Pretty wild.  Looks wet in the days to come.

  The best part of today was being attacked by hundreds of ants that had made a nest in the mailbox at the farm.  I pulled the mail out and all of these little black ants landed all over me.  They started biting me and swarming.  Was not the most exciting thing I have experienced front the insect world lately.  Did you know there are a lot of bugs in the country? 

  So – let me see.  Today they brought all of the sheet rock into the house.  They put the french doors on the second floor front of the house – they put the last window on the top floor – they brought the spiral staircase up – the insulation is finished (I believe) – and the heating and air is almost finished.  Last few touches made on that today.

  Everything is moving along.

  My finals open on Saturday – so I am in between tests.  Then I leave next weekend for my big final exam review.  Woosh – time is moving along.

  Took some photos – all the house photos can be viewed on this site  click here


Loading the sheet rock into the house


Sheet rock arriving



Front of the house – we fixed the columns in the front – these look better




Rails going up – front of the house


Bobby loading up the stairs – spiral staircase for the observation deck




Bring in the spiral staircase – top floor



The last window is going in – Don and Rodney


Sun room


Weather room


Weather room


Living room


Garage insulation


Rodney and Bobby – couch races around the house. 




Back porch deck


Second floor balcony – front of house



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