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Archive: November 2nd, 2007

November 2, 2007: Birthdays Photos – Deena and Mother’s Birthday




Okay so here are the photographs from last night.  Dione took most of the photographs.


Mother celebrating her birthday (30 years old again??)






Mother and Danielle 🙂




Mother with a candle that I bought her. 



Elvis – Danielle looks excited there!


That would be my cameo appearance




Tommy, Dylan, and me





Elvis – he is really getting into it now





Dylan and Mariah




November 2, 2007: Friday…


  Welcome to Friday.  🙂  It is cold outside.  Lower 30s this morning…a little bit of frost again.  This is our second or third light frost.  It actually looks like we could see a freeze next week.  Temperatures should be chilly.  Guess we will wait and see just how chilly.

  We are going to see Danny tonight at a play in Illinois.  Charlotte’s Web is the play.  We are meeting up with Julie around 5 p.m. or so to eat.  Should be a fun time.  We have not been over to the lodge in some time now.  Cool place to eat though because you can see the river from the restaurant.  Weather will be nice as well.

  The family went out to eat last night…it was Elvis Night at the Mexican Restaurant in town.  Mother likes Elvis so that is where we went to eat.  I don’t know if it is the real Elvis or not.  I think it might be because this is the PERFECT cover for him.  Who would ever look in Paducah for Elvis?  Nobody that I know.  Anyway we were celebrating mother and Deena’s birthdays.  They were both born on November 3rd.  🙂  I will post some pictures in a bit.  I need to go through them.

  We have been looking at some houses on Kentucky Lake.  Some nice views…that is for sure.  Not sure what we will end up doing though.  Still looking.  We are going back out on Saturday and again on Monday.  Actually meeting with a builder on Monday to look at a house that needs a room or two added on.

  Stupid depression has been kicking my butt the last couple of days.  It is weird because you can BE happy and still be depressed.  It is a state of mind and something that you just can’t control.  It is bad because I am fairly certain you get on everyones nerves around you – being in a bad mood or just plain moody.  It usually passes though in a couple of days and then I am back to my weird self.  lol  🙂 

  I have four tests this weekend into Tuesday.  I need to do good on these.  I say that everytime though.  I guess I need to do good on any test I take!!!!!  THESE tests are the third quarter tests.  That means we have one more quarter before we are FINISHED with these classes.  WOOHOO!