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Archive: November 14th, 2007

November 14, 2007: Catastrophic event heading for India/Bangladesh – Sidr


  Tropical Cyclone Sidr is heading for India and Bangladesh.  This is one of the stronger cyclones ever recorded in that region of the world.  Unfortunately it is heading for an area that could sustain unimaginable damage.  Events similiar to this in the past have killed tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people.  This could be a major news event in the coming days.  Landfall is expected tomorrow evening.  I am sure that Doctors Without Borders and the International Red Cross will be needing donations in the coming days.



November 14, 2007: Long day…


  Wellllll today started out about 6 a.m.  I had to take my mother to the dentist.  Then it was off the Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.  We visited about 8 different sites.  In the end we didn’t find what we were looking for.  We found some nice views.  One house was too expensive – $850,000.  If I am going to spend that much money on a house I would just build what I want!  lol  So we didn’t have any luck today.

  We did have some ummm backroads to take in order to find some of the properties.  Tony was our driver and did a great job.  We thought we were going to have to kick the four-wheel drive into gear a few times.  We never did get stuck though!

  I am not sure when we are going out again.  It might be awhile.  Holidays are almost here…we are taking a break.  Ashcreek should be up for sale in about 2 weeks.  Hopefully not much longer than that.  We shall see!

  It is sort of weird living at the apartment here.  It is so small.  I think I forgot what it was like to live in a small apartment.  It has been awhile.  I think it is probably harder because the house had so much space.  So we are adjusting to the differences.  Daisy seems to be adjusting well.  She hasn’t complained at least.

  We had a lot of heavy rain today across the region.  We ran into several heavy thunderstorms on the Purchase Parkway.  Beautiful trees though with orange and yellow leaves blowing through the air.  Pretty cool!

Some pictures from our adventures this afternoon.


We managed to make our way through this area

Tony got us lost.  Well okay so maybe it wasn’t Tony.  Something like that.


  We did have a lot of fun today looking for land and houses.  We ended up eating at Crackle Barrel.  We actually went to the Iron Kettle but didn’t care for what they had on the menu – buffet.  So then we went to Pattie’s and ended up a C.B.  🙂  A plate of Roast Beef later and I was happy.

  They are turning on the internet tomorrow – along with the phone and cable.  Exciting!  Jason is also coming and hooking up one of my antennas so I can talk to McCracken County in case of severe weather.



November 14, 2007: Happy Tuesday


  Well the transition into the apartment has gone smoothly.  It is certainly different living here than in the big house on Ashcreek.  I think we have about as much square footage here in the apartment as the living room and kitchen was at 465.  🙂  So trying to find room for everything has been difficult.  I think we need another closet!  It is going well though.  Just a change of pace…it will be nice once the cable and internet is working at full speed again.  I can do my homework then!

  I attended the "Customer Service Workshop" hosted by the Paducah, National Weather Service, yesterday in Princeton, Kentucky.  It was informative – as they always all.  Mike York talked about the upcoming winter.  It appears that we will have another La Nina winter for this region.  That usually means above normal temperatures and above normal precipitation.  My experience has shown that ice storms are more frequent during La Nina winters.  I guess we will have to wait and see how that works out.

  We did have thunderstorms and rain yesterday and we might have some more showers and storms today.  We still need the rainfall.

  We are going to look at houses and land, with Tony, later this morning and afternoon.