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Archive: November 8th, 2007

November 8, 2007: Evening…


  Sun appears to be setting out there.  I think the day is gone!  Looks like we are making the end move on Tuesday.  We are going to Mayfield!  So Tuesday will be the last day here at the house.  I am sure we will be entertained in Mayberry!  I mean Mayfield!  Same difference right?  🙂

  On another note…where is Kristy?  KRISTY you out there?  Our smoke signal machine appears to be broken.



November 8, 2007: Here is your laugh for the day…


  So I am on the phone for 1 hour and 15 minutes with Comcast Cable to disconnect my service.  I was on hold that long.  So I called on my cell phone to their "NEW SERVICE" department.  They answered in less than 1 minutes.  I told them I wanted to cancel my service and they did it.  Took 2 minutes total.  Moral of the story – they don’t want to turn off your service and don’t call the "disconnect" line!  Call the "ADD NEW SERVICE" phone number. 



November 8, 2007: Comcast…


  Almost 10:30 a.m. – going on one hour of being on hold with Comcast Cable.  Why do they make it so hard to turn off a service?  Hmmmmm I wonder.  They make it easy to turn on though.  lol


November 8, 2007: They are gone…


  Movers are gone.  Finished.  A near empty house…other than the stuff we are taking to the apartment. 



November 8, 2007:


  Nine people…it took nine people to shut off my service.  NINE PEOPLE.  YEESH.  Welcome to the new ATT.  Now to turn off my Comcast Cable!  LOL


November 8, 2007: How many phone calls does it take to get to the middle..


  So how many different phone numbers and transfers does it take to cancel your Bell South High Speed Internet?  Well as of 9 a.m. I am on seven.  Seven different phone numbers or transfers.  All the humans I have spoken with have assured me that the transfer they are making will be the one to help me.  LALALALALALA someone just take the phone chord and wrap it around my neck.  It will be less pain than trying to cancel your service.   I have now been on the phone for exactly one hour. 

  What a joke.  What happened to the good ole days when you could actually speak to a human being?  Not only a human being but one that can also speak this countries language?  I think back in the ’80s you could get that kind of customer service.  Not anymore.