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November 8, 2007:


  Nine people…it took nine people to shut off my service.  NINE PEOPLE.  YEESH.  Welcome to the new ATT.  Now to turn off my Comcast Cable!  LOL


November 8, 2007: How many phone calls does it take to get to the middle..


  So how many different phone numbers and transfers does it take to cancel your Bell South High Speed Internet?  Well as of 9 a.m. I am on seven.  Seven different phone numbers or transfers.  All the humans I have spoken with have assured me that the transfer they are making will be the one to help me.  LALALALALALA someone just take the phone chord and wrap it around my neck.  It will be less pain than trying to cancel your service.   I have now been on the phone for exactly one hour. 

  What a joke.  What happened to the good ole days when you could actually speak to a human being?  Not only a human being but one that can also speak this countries language?  I think back in the ’80s you could get that kind of customer service.  Not anymore.

November 7, 2007: Evening…


  Long day!  Most everything is moved out.  Not everything though.  The bed is still here!  Computer or two is still up and running!  So all is well on this front.  I got my four tests back from college and made straight A’s!  So I happy about that!

  We have decided, today, that we are going to stay in one of our apartments that we own in Mayfield.  Seems to be the best idea for now.  So we are going to move out of this house during the weekend.  Workers on coming to put new carpets in next week and polish the floors then we will put the for sale sign out front!  This gets us moving along and pushing us to find a new place with a view!  Nothing like a little bit of motivation to keep things moving along.  I think this is what I needed to do.  Talking about moving for TWO YEARS now just isn’t working!  I need my view.  That is what brings me peace!  Seeing those sunsets and the sky at night!  I love that kind of stuff.  Peaceful. 

  Sooooo here we are!  One week ago I didn’t think we would be this far along…but I like to keep things hopping.  🙂

  I am on the phone now ordering internet, phone service, and cable for the apartment.  They will have everything up and running by next Thursday.

  Jason is coming to help me with the radio antenna so in case of severe weather I can communicate with McCracken County!  So all is well on the weather front. 


November 7, 2007: 1 p.m.


  The movers are working hard and everything is coming along nicely.  Looks like they might finish by this evening.  We will then store everything down in Mayfield.  That work will be tomorrow morning…looks like a 6 a.m. day ahead! 





November 7, 2007: Random thought for the day…


“The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.”

— James Madison


"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

— B. Franklin



November 7, 2007: Force Change 2007 :)


  Okay – the movers are here.  They brought a LARGE truck – Okay a VERY large truck.  You know the motto for 2007 was force change.  I think we have achieved the peak of that thought process!  Looks like six guys are here.  Going to be a long day for them! 




November 7, 2007: Kirkland Lake – Get well :)


  A special get well to a friend in Kirkland Lake!  Hope you are back on your feet quickly!  I am sure you will be.

  Get Well Soon!!!

November 6, 2007: Evening…


  So we have to figure out where we are moving.  We haven’t found an apartment yet.  We need one that is "daisy" friendly!  I guess we will start looking tomorrow.  It is one big adventure.  I guess we didn’t have anything else to do this week.  I do have four tests…well one now.  I am finished with three!  I think I did well on those…won’t know until tomorrow.  I have one more math test tonight.  That is it for another week.  Yay I guess.  Looks like it is snowing in the Great Lakes.  I should go snow chasing!  I shall wait though!  There will be plenty of snow this winter.


November 6, 2007: Cold…brrr


  Did I mention it was cold here?  Our first freeze is tonight!  Low to mid 20s across the region.  I love it!!!!  Daisy is keeping warm in front of her personal heater.  She is such a baby.


November 6, 2007: Tuesday…


  Long day.  🙂  Been packing and getting everything ready for the movers to come tomorrow.  I feel like a truck ran over me…tired!  The sun is setting now so the day is almost over.  We probably have about another hour or so of work and I have a test to take.  We took down the instruments off the roof this afternoon.  So that is all finished.  Movers will be here at 7:30 in the morning.



YES that is me up on the roof top.





November 5, 2007: Evening…packing and packing and then some packing


🙂  Jason stopped by the help out and Dylan and Dylan.  That made things SPEEEED up quite a bit.  Good thing because I was getting tired.

Movers are now coming Wednesday instead of Thursday.

November 5, 2007: Movers coming Thursday…



  The movers are coming on Thursday…sooooo that means I have to work fast around here to get everything packed up and ready to go!  I see a couple of busy days ahead!


November 4, 2007: And you know things are serious when…


The media room looks like this.


November 4, 2007: Packing and moving stuff around…


  Well I started about 7 a.m. this morning and I am still going as of 4 p.m.   Dylan came over and helped for about seven hours.  So that was good!  I don’t think I would have been nearly as far along without his help.  Where the heck did I get so much STUFF?  I thought I had condensed everything down – but I think I was wrong.  It just seems like there is stuff here – there – and everywhere.  🙂  Oh well it is coming along nicely.  We completely finished the basement!

  We have decided to move into an apartment and clean this house out completely.  That way we can put some new carpets in and fix all the small things that need fixing.  Then the house can be shown in its prestine state!  🙂


Some pics from todays work!





Living room


Living room







November 3, 2007: Looking for houses and land


  So let’s review the past few months (2 years)

1.    Looking for houses
2.    Not looking for houses
3.    Looking for land or a house with a view
4.    Not going to move
5.    Moving somewhere in McCracken County with a view
6.    Expanded view to Northern Graves County
7.    Expanding view to part of Marshall County
8.    Find a nice home on top of a hill facing east
9.    Find a house facing west even better
10.  Find a new home facing west – love it and see about making an offer – house has contract
11.  Discouraged because you find exactly what you want and so now you return to square 1

  So we are not not looking for land to build or not to build on.  That about sums it up.

  Photos from todays finds…

We found this house which faces west…great view


Then we found this house with this view – facing west


This was the house WE REALLY liked…matter of fact if we were to build then I think
we would do it exactly like the inside of this home.  We might do the back a bit different.


We saw lots of deer…



View from the first house we saw today


  So at the end of today we have come full circle.  Back to talking about just finding land and building.  We got the builders name that built that house that we saw today that we really liked.  I think we would do that exact plan – tweak a few rooms – wire it differently – but keep the same number of square feet.  It would be perfect and we would get the view we want.  We have to find land though. 



November 2, 2007: Birthdays Photos – Deena and Mother’s Birthday




Okay so here are the photographs from last night.  Dione took most of the photographs.


Mother celebrating her birthday (30 years old again??)






Mother and Danielle 🙂




Mother with a candle that I bought her. 



Elvis – Danielle looks excited there!


That would be my cameo appearance




Tommy, Dylan, and me





Elvis – he is really getting into it now





Dylan and Mariah




November 2, 2007: Friday…


  Welcome to Friday.  🙂  It is cold outside.  Lower 30s this morning…a little bit of frost again.  This is our second or third light frost.  It actually looks like we could see a freeze next week.  Temperatures should be chilly.  Guess we will wait and see just how chilly.

  We are going to see Danny tonight at a play in Illinois.  Charlotte’s Web is the play.  We are meeting up with Julie around 5 p.m. or so to eat.  Should be a fun time.  We have not been over to the lodge in some time now.  Cool place to eat though because you can see the river from the restaurant.  Weather will be nice as well.

  The family went out to eat last night…it was Elvis Night at the Mexican Restaurant in town.  Mother likes Elvis so that is where we went to eat.  I don’t know if it is the real Elvis or not.  I think it might be because this is the PERFECT cover for him.  Who would ever look in Paducah for Elvis?  Nobody that I know.  Anyway we were celebrating mother and Deena’s birthdays.  They were both born on November 3rd.  🙂  I will post some pictures in a bit.  I need to go through them.

  We have been looking at some houses on Kentucky Lake.  Some nice views…that is for sure.  Not sure what we will end up doing though.  Still looking.  We are going back out on Saturday and again on Monday.  Actually meeting with a builder on Monday to look at a house that needs a room or two added on.

  Stupid depression has been kicking my butt the last couple of days.  It is weird because you can BE happy and still be depressed.  It is a state of mind and something that you just can’t control.  It is bad because I am fairly certain you get on everyones nerves around you – being in a bad mood or just plain moody.  It usually passes though in a couple of days and then I am back to my weird self.  lol  🙂 

  I have four tests this weekend into Tuesday.  I need to do good on these.  I say that everytime though.  I guess I need to do good on any test I take!!!!!  THESE tests are the third quarter tests.  That means we have one more quarter before we are FINISHED with these classes.  WOOHOO!