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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » February 26, 2008: The challenge of inspiration…
Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

February 26, 2008: The challenge of inspiration…

  I had an interesting conversation with a friend yesterday.  In the middle of that conversation it  struck me that what is truly important in life is that we not only find our passion but that we must also find our inspiration.  Perhaps they go hand in hand.  Perhaps you can never be inspired if you don’t have a passion.  Perhaps yout can’t find passion if you are not inspired.  No matter which comes first they are both important.  They both play a role in our daily lives.

  I have watched my friend Sue henry take up photography over the past year.  At first, I thought she was simply interested in the hobby itself, but soon I found that she was inspiring me with her creative works.  She was serious about learning how to take photographs.  Her photographs told a story.  Her photographs showed me what inspires her.  Each one was carefully picked by her – she took the time to snap a shot of ice dripping from a tree.  She took the time to photograph the fall leaves that had gently landed on the rocks near a spring.  She stood outside in the cold and photographed the eclipse of the moon.  One of her more striking photographs was one of her grandson – sitting by a windowsill, at Fort Massac State Park, daydreaming, no doubt about cowboys and Indians. 

  Inspiration is a funny thing.  That which inspires one person may not inspire another.  That which speaks to my heart is unique.  That which speaks to Sue’s heart is unique to her.  But in sharing our inspiration we inspire others in ways we may never know.  Those sparks of inspiration may influence many others, some whom we may never meet.  Perhaps a reminder of the little miracles that surround each one of us.  The beauty of a winter mornings icicle, the color of the fall leaves, the eclipse of the moon.  The eyes of a child gazing out a window. 

Share that which inspires you.  Inspiration was never meant to be kept a secret or hidden from the world.  Art was meant to be shared.  Imagine the world with no paintings.  No songs.  No story tellers.  No photographs.  No musicians.

  Earlier this year, I said that my motto for 2008 was "Inspire to be Inspired".  In order to inspire others WE must first be inspired.  In order to be inspired we must first share that which inspires us.  Inspiration comes from sharing.  If Sue never shared her photographs then I would never have felt those sparks of inspiration that could only come from her.  If a great speech writer had never shared his written words then perhaps we would have never been inspired by the person who delivered those words.  If a singer we love, had never shared their voice with the world, then think of all the people that would have never been touched by their music.  Their voice.  Share your inspirations with others so that they may be inspired




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