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Archive: April 20th, 2009

April 20, 2009: SUNNY Morning! Then it rained.

  Well, it was a BEAUTIFUL start to the morning.  INCREDIBLE to be honest about it.  Just perfect.  By afternoon clouds rolled in and it started to lightning and thunder – with heavy downpours.  Oh well, the morning was nice!  Course – I like rain – so whatever.

  I have come to the realization that I am just not a phone person.  I know Sue told me this a long time ago.  Oh well – guess everyone can’t be a phone person!  I will just have to try harder.  🙂

  We met Dale at the farm today and went over the cabinets and placement of cabinets.  Also discussed a few other items.  Looks like everything is moving right along.

  Some photos from the farm today…you can see the sheets of rain moving in.  Note that when we arrive it is PERFECTLY sunny and within 30 minutes the sky turns to what you see at the end.


We arrive and it is a perfect day!!!!


Then a few clouds show up and the wind starts to blow


Then a few more clouds and some rain in the distance



Sheets of wind blown rain – winds were gusting over 30 mph as we drove down the road into the rain.


April 20, 2009: Busy days!

  WOW – the sun is actually out this morning.  BRIGHT blue sky!  Big orange ball – plain as day!  Something we don’t see very often around here.  At least not lately.

  Enjoy it!!!!!

  Few storms later today and then the winds will pick up through tomorrow.  Could be some hailers out and about – small hail.  Cold temperatures aloft this afternoon.

  Tony is coming this morning and we are looking at some apartments – also heading to the farm to meet Dale – who is making the cabinets.  Then figuring out where the plumbing goes!  Also talking about the kids room on the top floor – how to finish it out.

  Then home and I guess I will start to study some more for my finals.  I have finals through the weekend.  FUN FUN!  lol

  Lunch with Caesar and Geri tomorrow.