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Archive: July 25th, 2008

July 25, 2008: Ashcreek…Friday

  Well, good news.  It sounds like the buyer has been approved.  One more step closer to selling. We are waiting for the inspector to call.  They are supposed to call us on Monday.  We are VERY close to selling Ashcreek.

  Looking at a house to rent tonight.

  Big storms moving into the area…will have to see if they hold together.


  We looked at a house tonight.  I believe we are going to go ahead and take it.  Rental.  It is only a few blocks away!



July 25, 2008: Good news?

  Ok, sooooo we may have good news this morning.  It sounds like we may be close to a deal on Ashcreek.  We should know later today.  🙂   CROSSING ALL FINGERS, TOES, EYES, LEGS, AND ARMS!!!!


July 25, 2008: Fun at the ice cream social…

  I attended the St. Johns Ice Cream Social up in Massac County, Illinois.  David and mother went with me.  Tyler and Danielle also road along.  We met Dione and Tommy there.  Deena couldn’t go because she had surgery today (gallbladder taken out).  I brought her some ice cream back. 

  This was David’s first ice cream social.  🙂  I guess they don’t have those in Canada.  He has also never had pork burgers to eat. 

  We saw Quinton and Lynne.  Always nice to catch up with them.  Lynne was asking me about the house (Ashcreek),  I told her the latest.  Nothing new today.  Maybe tomorrow?  Unsure.  Hoping for the best.  It is what it is! 

  Finals are coming up next week.  Fun fun!

  We are meeting a guy from St Louis at the farm tomorrow.  He is the second person we have scheduled to talk with concerning solar polar or other alternative power sources.  Should be interesting to see what he has to say.

  Tony told me that we have about another week to wait for the building plans.

  Staying about as busy as I have ever been.  All good!

  Daisy comes home tomorrow.  I have not seen her since my trip to Washington D.C.  I am anxious to see her and I bet she misses me!!!!

  I took some photos of Mariah and Ashton last week.  I need to go through all of them.  Tommy and Dione wanted a few photos of the kids.