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  Regardless of who you voted for one thing is for sure – HISTORY has been made.  This has been an historic night for the country and the world.  Make no mistake about it – change is coming.  Whether could or bad – change is coming.

  I am proud to be an American tonight.  I am proud that America could elect someone that isn’t the same old cookie cutter politician.  Is he perfect?  No.  Is he what the nation needs at this time?  We shall see.  Is he going to do everything he promised to do?  I doubt it.  Will he be able to rally the nation – inspire the nation – call the nation to look deep into its soul?  Yes, I believe he will. 

  Barack Obama has already inspired millions of young people to vote.  He has brought to them something they never realized that they had.  The power to change a nation.  The power to vote.

  President Obama is our new leader – our new president.  One wonders what the next four years will hold for this man.  Good times and bad.  Smiles and laughter – tears and crying.  Challenges yet unknown await all of us.  We do not know what tomorrow may bring, but we do know that our next president will need the support of those who votes for him and those who did not.  We don’t have to support all of his beliefs, all of his decisions, or abandon our party of choice.  What we can do is challenge ourselves to see the world through a different set of eyes.  Through the eyes of the young people – the next generation.  What we can do is try to undo the mess that the republicans and democrats have created over the last eight years.

  A generation of kids and young people have been INSPIRED by his words and his story.  Let’s hope that all of this inspiration is used for good.  Let’s hope that our world relationships can be repaired.  That the years of hate towards America will someone find some healing.  That the world will see that we can change – we can elect new people to carry the torch of liberty and national unity. 

  I believe, we can all agree, that we hope President Obama and his team can handle whatever crisis awaits the country and the world in the coming months and years.  And there will be many dangerous days ahead – many trying days ahead of us – many troubling days ahead of us.  Nothing will come easy in the coming months and years.  But, when it is all said and done America will continue to be a GREAT nation.  American will continue to lead the world when it comes to the fight for freedom for all people and all nations – for all colors and creed.  America has been and will always be a beacon of light on a hill.  Millions come to our shores in hopes of finding a better life – a dream.  That will not change today or tomorrow.  America is more than just one man.  We the people are America.  From the east coast to the west coast – from the sandy shores to the mountains.  We are America.

  The political landscape swings.  This is nothing new.  It swings to the left and to the right.  For now, the country has moved to the left.  For now the country has spoken and has given the democrats the opportunity to lead.  To show us what they can do.  What they can change.  Can they fix the economy?  Can they help bring affordable health care to those who can’t afford it?  Can they help bring the American dream to millions of new people?  Can they end the war in Iraq and do what is best for that country and the Middle East?  Can they continue the fight on terrorism – in Afghanistan and elsewhere?   Can they lead us into this brave new world?  Time will tell.  For now we should just be happy that America has once again been able to successfully carry out a democratic election.  We should be happy that we have once again shown the world that we can lead.

  Congratulations President Barack Obama – this has been an historic night.




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  Congratulations Tony!   I am sure President can’t be far off!!!!