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Archive: November 10th, 2008

November 10, 2008: Cold weather ahead!!!

  Well, cold weather is coming!  Rain, as well.  It looks like a wet 24-48 hours ahead – perhaps all week for that matter.  We could even see a few snowflakes this weekend.  A bit early to forecasting that, though.

  Check out these 850 mb temperature maps.  You can see the cold air pouring into the Central and Eastern United States day after day.  We should see some brief warm spells, but mainly cold weather is forecast.  We will see how the long term models handle the pattern change.  Perhaps we will actually have winter this year!

http://www.beaudodson.com/blog/blog47.htm  – scroll down to the bottom for the latest maps.  Blue is cold.  😉

  Spent most of today working on homework and house plans.  Working on my weather equipment.  Trying to figure out what wires I need – the length of wires – what instruments I am going to use on top of the hill – and towers. 

  I bought a 30′ tower today to use for one set of weather instruments.  They will go to the south of the house.  I need to figure out where, so they can pour a concrete pad for both the tower and my instrument shelter.  I shall work on that tomorrow…my dad and I are going to drive the tower up to the farm.  The tower comes in three sections – each about 10′ tall.

  I am waiting to hear from one of my friends on the other tower.  It is 50′ tall and will go to the northwest of the house.  This will be for the emergency management antennas and camera.  That is the plan at least.  We shall see!

  We have a meeting tomorrow night with the builders.  Working on mothers house, as well.