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Archive: November 20th, 2008

November 20, 2008: Will it snow soon?

  There were snow flurries across West KY and South IL this afternoon and evening.  Portions of Kentucky received more than an inch of snow – further east of our area.

  So, the next question becomes when will it snow?

  It doesn’t appear that significant snow will occur over the next few days.  There is a chance of snow, though, after Thanksgiving.  A series of storm systems should push across the country.  There appears to be a significant amount of cold air to work with.  We need a  storm track that is south of us, in order for this area to get snow.

  Models are not to be trusted past day 3 or 4, so that means the day 10-16 model trends can’t be depended upon for a forecast of snow.  I can say that there have been indications that several winter storms will impact the country from next Friday into the first week of December.  Perhaps one of these will bring our region snow!  I will be keeping a close eye on the potential.

  So, all in all this pattern does favor a winter storm.  There will be several chances after Thanksgiving into the first week or so of December.

  🙂  We could use some snow for the hoildays!


November 19, 2008: BRUTAL




The NIK is down over 500 points before midnight our time.  The DOW was down over 400 today.  The slidddddde continues at a rapid pace.  Who would have thought the DOW would fall into the 7000s?  Not many.  The question is where doesn it stop – DOW 7500?  6500?  Lower.

  If the big 3 go under then all bets are off.  Unemployment rates are already forecast to go above 10%.  Very rough months ahead for the United States and other countries.  Many businesses will simply not be able to keep their doors open.

  Even for people who don’t own stocks it is having a major impact.  Businesses are laying off tens of thousands of people, businesses are not wanting to hire new people, sales are down across the board at most stores, cars are not being sold, real estate agents can’t sell homes.  The trickle down impact is now being felt by millions of people.