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Archive: November 19th, 2008

November 19, 2008: Decorating for Christmas

  Well, with all of the bad news on television – depressing actually – we decided we needed to spruce up the place and get in the holiday spirit.  🙂  So, we went down to storage and pulled out one of our Christmas trees!  We found a container of decorations and brought it back up to the house in Lone Oak.  Daisy was more than happy to help with all of the decorating.  She carried off a few bulbs, some hooks, and got caught up in the ribbon a few times. 


Daisy watching Joey try to fix the ribbon


What can I do to help?



Daisy 🙂


Julie Kohn bought me this snow last year – I put some
in a bowl – added water and WAALAA – SNOW!!!  Last
time I did this we had heavy snow the next day.  😉







Daisy helping to decorate the tree


Carrying off the decorations





Someone is getting tired







November 19, 2008: Winter Weather Workshop

  The NWS Office in Paducah held a winter weather workshop today at Kentucky Lake.  There were about 80 people in attendance.  A great crowd!  They discussed hurricane Ike and its wind impact on this region, the forecast for the winter, nocturnal tornadoes, flash flooding and public awareness, workshop surveys from earlier this year and last, and more.

Beverly Pool from the NWS introducing Rick Shanklin


Rick Shanklin discussing nocturnal tornadoes


Katheryn Martin from Evansville, Indiana discussing a program she helped start called CJ’s Bus – in memory of her
son that was killed in one of the recent tornadoes that hit Indiana.


Christine Wielgos – discussing customer service workshop


Pat Spoden discussing Ike’s winds and the damage across our region



Large crowd at Patti’s – Kentucky Lake


Rick Shanklin introducing Mike York to discuss the upcoming winter weather and the big ice storm last year


Mike York discussing the upcoming winter weather forecast


Mary Lamb discusses hydrology.