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Archive: November 30th, 2008

November 31, 2008: Tyler’s 10th Birthday Party

  BRRRRR – a cold-wet-raw day!  About as we expected.  It has been raining since late morning – a few snowflakes mixed in at times.  Cold rain – temps are around 35-40 degrees.  NICE AND COLD!

  We celebrated Tyler’s birthday down at the Paducah Riverfront.  They have an ice skating rink, now.  This is the first year that they have done this.  It sounds like they have been extremely busy.  The guy said they had several thousand people over the last couple of days.  Pretty impressive.

  Tyler is 10 years old this year! 

Tyler and his buddy.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER!!!!


Danielle out on the ice skating rink


Tyler the birthday boy



Dione (does she look cold)  hmmm


Dylan out on the skating rink





Dione decides she is going to give it a try


Uh huh


So, Ashton and Joey step in to help her out


Ashton and Dione (hanging on for dear life)



Tyler celebrating his 10th birthday



Birthday Boy



I think Tyler is having  good time 🙂





Birthday Party


Mother decides to give skating a try – her first time


I like the kid coming up from behind and racing past her!!!!



Mariah and her friend


Ashton and Dione



Mother – stuck on the other side of the rink


The three Amigo’s and mother to the left


Joey – Ashton – and Dione









Dione and mother – lol 🙂


Tony and Deena skated, as well.  My camera battery went dead, though.  Lucky them!!!


We celebrated Thanksgiving at Tommy and Dione’s house yesterday.  GREAT food!!!! 


Tyler playing video games






Tony playing video games with Mariah and Dylan