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Archive: January 10th, 2009

January 10, 2009: Cold air coming…starting on the house soon

  Well, it has been a long week.  Battling a cold and cough.  I think I am getting better though.  Just need a few more days.  🙂  Seems like I am having headaches everyday in the afternoon and evening.  Has been that way for three or four weeks now.  They are almost like clockwork.  Starts in the early afternoon and intensifies through the evening.  Then they go away later at night or I just go to bed.  Little eye twitch as well…left eye.  Guess I should probably go see the doctor and make sure I am not falling apart.  lol  Sort of weird though because the headaches and the little eye twitch started at about the same time.

  Everything else is going great.  We are meeting with the foundation guy on Thursday and they are supposed to start on the house the week after.  So, maybe another 7-10 days and they will start.  That is the plan at least.  Let’s hope it all falls into place.  There is a lot of mud up on the farm right now.  VERY muddy actually.  I need to get the internet going up there.  That way when we are up there messing around we can get online to check mail or whatever else.  Put a web cam up as well…that would be a good idea.

  School has started.  Fun classes.  Severe weather and weather prediction.  Should be an interesting semester!  These are the type of classes that I enjoy.

  Speaking of severe weather.  I will be going to a severe weather conference in March.  Jason and I are going.  Not sure who else is going.  We went a couple of years ago.  There was a big tornado outbreak the second day we were there.  Hopefully that won’t happen again.  Most of our area was spared – one tornado in Missouri that day.  The conference is in Oklahoma.  Good place for storms.

  Also speaking of severe weather – it is just 50 more days until Meteorological Spring begins!  COUNTDOWN TO SPRING HAS STARTED!!!!  Everyone will be happy to hear the word spring after the cold air heading our way later this week.

  It is colder this afternoon.  We had thunderstorms this morning.  Thunderstorms in January.  Temperatures are supposed to be bitterly cold later this week.  Single digits?  Perhaps.  It was -78 in Alaska over the last few days.  Can you imagine it being that cold? 

  No real snow chances.  Some light snow or flurries may brush our area in the coming days/week.  Nothing huge is forecast, though.  Maybe next week?  All the snow lovers just need to keep hope alive.  I keep telling myself that – at least. 

  Putting new windows in one of our new apartment buildings.  I believe Tony said there would be a total of 42 windows.  So that will not be a cheap project.  They need new windows, though.  We have two apartments with babies and the windows are drafty.  We have three buildings to do in total.  Starting with one though.  Maybe do another one in the spring and then perhaps the last one in the summer.  That is a lot of freakin windows.

  OK – so the countdown has restarted for the house.  Meeting this Thursday and then starting next week.  😉  We shall see!!!